10 Items I’ve Been Wearing on Repeat This Summer

Not sure about you, but I am a creature of habit. I usually buy a few new things each season and wear them on repeat to everything, not really caring if anyone notices. I’ve affectionately dubbed this my uniform in previous posts.

In my 31 years I’ve also gotten much better about avoiding the random fun trendy pieces that get 0-2 wears and spend the rest of their time in the shadows of my closet. I’ve also gotten better at knowing what works on my body type. Off-the-shoulder trend is a no go for me. Any kind of boxy top or dress, also not going to work. This means most of my purchases are basics in neutral colors that fit well.

I’ve already gotten more than my money’s worth out of each of the below purchases… I highly recommend all of them!


1 French stripe tie back top

Throw this on with any of the bottoms below and you’ll instantly feel like you tried.

2. The Seaside Pant

So comfy. But for real, so comfy. And the light fabric even let me wear these around 90 degree Charleston!


3. Elastic Waist Shorts

Because shorts are the worst, but sometimes necessary, so a stretchy waist helps! I recommend sizing up because they could shrink and that way you’ll have a longer inseam.


4. Tie Front Top

This is great with shorts, pants, jeans, skirts…. everything. Works for morning, day, or patios nights.


5. The Comfiest Sandal Ever

The entire base is some kind of foam and it feels like you’re walking on a cushion. Blisters be damned! Highly recommend this in black for anyone traveling this summer!


6. The Goes-with-everything Tank 
(available in 4 basic colors)

I got this in three colors and any time I have something at night, I throw one of these on with my white skinny jeans (tucking in the front), wedges, and dainty gold jewelry and am good to go!


7. White Jeans

My go-to for summer evening events.


8. Leopard Slides

When you need to be a bit more dressed up (again, think evenings) but your feet can’t handle warm temps and they’ll swell up like whoa if you put heels on. Just me?


9. Silk V-Neck Dress

Again, so easy to throw on and go. Are we noticing a trend with my clothes? I like them simple, unfussy, comfortable!


10. Hair Bow Ties

I also got this hair bow tie in three colors and have been rocking them with a low side pony. I’m genuinely surprised at how many compliments I received!