17 Weeks with Baby Schmieder

Happy Sunday! Sundays mark our weekly tracking and today marks Week 17! Baby is the size of a pomegranate, turnip, or apple, depending on which app you check–that’s over 5 inches long!

I’m going to be doing these weekly updates on the blog answering questions, filling you in on me, the babe, the bump, the nursery, and pregnant life.

Also in case you missed it, you can see my pregnancy announcement post where I answer a few FAQs including due date, finding out the gender, etc…. and my instagram announcement here!




A bit more bumpin’ going on over here! It hides in most clothing–and I live in loose sweaters.

I’m not going to lie – I love how this looks! But really these photos are deceiving. The bump doesn’t look quite this big in person and having my hand on top emphasizes it. But there’s no denying it’s really there now!

We had a second trimester blood work appointment on Friday, heard the heartbeat (amazing every time), and the doc said it’ll really pop between weeks 20-24. It was so cute – when she was doing the heartbeat doppler, she said the baby could hear the sound of it and didn’t like it and would move away. All of the apps say different things about when the babe can actually start hearing me and sounds. One said 16 weeks, another says 18 weeks. Anyone know when it is?

The BIG news of the week? We did a 3D ultrasound this morning, and it was THE MOST MAGICAL MOMENT YET and the $99 fee was easily the best money we’ve ever spent. We saw the babe moving around, cuddling, sucking his/her thumb, and double confirmed the gender.

I didn’t stop smiling for a good hour afterward. Our OBGYN doesn’t offer the 3D ultrasounds so we paid out of pocket at this place in Oak Park called First Peek.

I’ll share those photos once we share the gender in a couple of weeks–likely around week 20 so plan on a gender announcement on New Year’s!

Otherwise, I spend every evening before bed hanging out with Baby S, hand pressed against my lower tummy waiting to feel wiggles and what not. It’s pretty great.

I shared this photo of Tucker who is basically is equally attached to me as the baby.



– As I’ve said and from what I’ve heard from other women, I’ve had a pretty easy pregnancy thus far! Achey boobs, occasional headaches, occasional days of extreme sleepiness but that’s it really. Oh and I wake up to pee about 2-4 times a night. Sometimes there’s just pressure on the bladder and I don’t even have to go.

– The one weird side effect I have that is apparently not very common is a toothache on two teeth specifically. It’s not cavities – I was checked. It has to do with hormones and the blood or something? I don’t know. But basically they’re hyper sensitive to cold or hot temps. Not fun but OraGel helps.

New this week: EXTREME HUNGER! I can eat a meal… and be hungry 45 minutes later. Assuming this has to do with the crazy growth happening between week 17-22. Trying oh so hard to eat healthy, and when I have a craving for say… french fries, I’m really trying my best to control the portion.



Today’s 3D ultrasound basically took the cake!



A Diaper Bag:

I’ve tried not to go crazy with the shopping since people keep telling me “wait til the shower!” But Shopbop had a 30% off sale and I kind of fell in love with this reasonably priced bag after doing some research and I had a gift card so I went ahead and got it. It’s now sold out at Shopbop but available at Zappos!

We got the Herschel Supply Co. Strand Sprout Diaper Bag. Here’s why:

  • the light interior makes it easy to see things inside
  • the multiple compartments and pockets keep it organized
  • it has a detachable shoulder strap
  • it’s not heavy at all like a leather option would be
  • it works great for Dan to carry, as well
  • it comes with that great changing mat that has side pockets for diapers
  • two-way zipper with cord pulls and snap-down extensions

I definitely was never going to need anything fancy, and if I’m being honest I don’t totally understand the whole “turn a designer tote into a diaper bag” thing? The two just don’t seem to go together.



I also picked up some sweaters for myself from the Shopbop sale! Thisthis, and the third one sold out – but these are similar: here, here, and here.

I DO plan on doing a post asking for help and advice w/ registry stuff but more on that later! I plan on using Babylist so I can pull items from all different sites.



In case you missed last week’s post, we are turning the office into the nursery–I list out all of the reasons in last week’s post! And as you can see from that photo, I think we’ve made great progress!

Two weeks ago we moved the shelves into the guest room which you can see here:

And after Christmas the desk will go into the bay window area of our master bedroom.

The campaign style nursery dresser we picked out was supposed to be delivered Friday but we missed the delivery so it’s now coming Tuesday! And I already have quite a few little clothes to organize and put in it! Exciting!

Also I received an email from a reader who owns the Look for Less dresser, and had WONDERFUL things to say about it if you were considering it!
Here are a couple more items I purchased before we found out the gender because they work for both a girl or boy nursery!

I bought a set of three of these brass frames for the nursery when they were on sale! I got an 8×8″, 10×10″ and an 11×14″ and will hang them in a grouping together!


Lastly, I got this “Goodnight” script sign for the nursery which I’m thinking I’ll group with the three brass frames and hang over the dresser or glider!

As I said, all of these items – dresser, frames, sign – all work for either a girl or boy’s nursery, so if you’re waiting to find out, here ya go!


That’s all for now! I have a few more baby shopping posts lined up for this week. Until next week!


nursery design photo by Amelia Eaton