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We’re Expecting!

Whoa does that feel so good to say! Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to you A SECRET?! First off – wow. Thank you so so much for your excitement! I’m just overwhelmed by your kindness and support and compliments… more than I ever could have expected and I’m…

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My 3 Favorite Things to Gift Expecting Moms

Anyone else have an item on peoples’ wedding and baby registries they especially love to gift? Do you always get a couple place settings or the bath stuff for baby? Are you one of those who insists on going off registry? I’m a combo so long as the thing off registry is something I know they 100% need and will…

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Our To Do List Before Baby #2

Thank you to Chase Freedom Unlimited for collaborating with me on this post! All opinions are my own.* And thank you again for all your excitement surrounding baby #2! We are elated and excited and starting to prepare mentally and physically for life with these two lil boys. As you can see from the photo above – ie Baby #2’s…

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The Things We Need, Will Change, and Will Use Again for Baby #2

I’ve been asked to do a follow-up post on our baby registry from last year: what would I keep, what would I change, what I highly recommend, etc. Tada – here it is! I spent hours researching and putting our registry together when I was pregnant with Henry, and I’m happy to say it mostly paid off. If I had…

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