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Henry’s Nursery Design Plan

I will officially be sharing Henry’s nursery on The Everymom next month, and I cannot wait! 🙂 But I wanted to share the design plan I created which helped me pull it all together! SHOP HENRY’S NURSERY: oversized sailboat art (the other option I considered for above the crib was two of my favorite oversized mat wooden frames) light fixture sailboat…

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One Month with Henry

Henry will be 6 weeks old in two days… which is bananas. In many ways I feel like we brought him home yesterday, and in so many I feel like we’re lightyears ahead of that first week back from the hospital in terms of our comfort and familiarity with our boy and confidence as parents. He’s been a cute little…

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Henry’s Birth Story

I am about to share the most personal, most amazing moment of my life. The birth of my son, Henry. To be honest, I had never read a birth story before writing this. But after talking to some friends and hearing from so many of you, I get it now… First, I wanted to write it all down so we…

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Our Newborn Must-Have Items

Alrighty! Henry is five weeks old tomorrow and I’m finally getting a blog post up! Behold: the list of products we use pretty much every day if not multiple times a day and have come to love and rely on with baby boy! Also coming – hopefully this week – is my One Month with Henry post and my birth…

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