Schmiedski Farmhouse? Inspiration for Life in the Country

This weekend Dan and I are going to look at a hundred-year-old farmhouse out in the burbs. It sits on half an acre of land and has a picket fence lining the entire front.

And it needs a ton of work. Like a lot a lot.

I’ve been looking at homes on and off for the past year, more or less as research, and I’ve got to say, this is kind of a rare gem. I haven’t seen anything else like it.

See it here…

Are we ready to buy just yet?
Probably not.

Are we ready to take on major renovations?
Ehh intimidating. I want to renovate but how do you know you’re ready to take that on? I’m not talking painting and changing fixtures. I’m talking full gut reno down to the studs, new floors, and walls and windows and oh my god it sounds scary. Any advice on this front?

Are we ready to move to the suburbs (which means a serious commute for me 2-3 days a week)?
We honestly don’t know, but we’re keeping an open mind!

Either way, I jumped straight to the fun part late at night and started perusing Pinterest to see what this home could be. You know… after many years and many projects.

I mean yea – that looks nice. Hah Serious Christmas movie potential – like The Spirit of Christmas, for those of you who read last night’s insta post. 🙂

Will post some sneak peeks when we walk through on Insta stories. But again not getting our hopes up! This is just to look.

So many of you have asked what suburbs we’re looking at… the best way I can describe it we are looking everywhere from the west, northwest, and north suburbs… from Naperville up to Lake Forest, and yes – still in the city! We just want a garage, which our current place doesn’t offer. And a real kitchen where we don’t have to use the top of the washing machine as counter space. It really will come down to the house and the schools. Again – open minds!