Memorable Highlights from 2017

I wanted to share a month-by-month look at some of the highlights from the year! I realize they basically all have to do with traveling, our home, and of course, family and friends.


We moved into #SchmiedskiGreystone! See the before tour here and here.

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Took our second trip to the magical Quebec City in the coldest month of the year! #worthit See my QC city guide here!

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Spent this month nesting, setting up the new house, and enjoying our fireplace…



Get to meet the first baby born among my group of girlfriends… I’ve known baby girl’s mom since we were 12 years old. Surreal life moment.




Dan and I took our delayed honeymoon to Paris and London! It was muuuuch colder than it should have been for this time of year, but we had an amazing time!


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Put having a back yard to good use and hosted our first summer party for Memorial Day!


Summer is in full swing… Everygirl party on Danielle’s rooftop!


Started an herb garden! Having fresh rosemary on hand became my obsession.




Visited and fell in love with Portland for the first time! Girls trip with my lifelong best friends.


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Spent the weekend with Dan’s family at their annual lakehouse rental in Holland, Michigan!



Lakehouse week in Michigan with my family!


And I finally painted the kitchen in preparation to shoot the home tour!




Our home tour went live on The Everygirl – the home tour video has had over 200,000 views on YouTube!


Fall arrived at #SchmiedskiGreystone! I partnered with Home Depot to makeover our front stoop!


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And Dan and I got some news!


And I was basically horizontal (with Tucker always by my side) due to extreme exhaustion for weeks 5-6. Dan actually started a photo series of me sleeping… haha



Went back to Paris for the second time in 2017 to attend my cofounder and friend Danielle Moss’ wedding!

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And ate at least one croissant a day since when you’re pregnant in Paris, the food and drink options I’d usually enjoy were seriously limited!



Dan and I threw our second murder mystery party, this time Vampire themed for Halloween! See the first, more glam, murder mystery here.



Shared the news with the world that we are expecting! Completely overwhelmed by and grateful for the support and excitement!


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Christmas arrived at our house! 

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And it’s been a busy, amazing holiday season!



Thanks for following along in 2017! Cannot wait to share our GENDER REVEAL with all of you tomorrow morning!


Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! Be safe tonight!