Our 2019 Family Summer Bucket List

With Memorial Day Weekend now past, summer has officially begun! We started it out right the past few days with a ton of time outside. I’ve noticed Henry is instantly happy when he’s outside and with winter being as long as it was, Dan and I really want to prioritize time outdoors for our family.

I also know this summer is going to fly by as Dan and I both have some work travel and we have two trips planned… we put together this list we think is attainable and manageable but also gets us out and about, exploring, and enjoying the good weather!

Here we go!


1. Spend time at a lake house

So excited this is already booked! We are going in late July to Northern Michigan with my family which I’ve never been to – I’ve never been north of Holland – and I’m so excited, I’ve heard it’s really beautiful. I’ve also been dying to visit Door County in Wisconsin. This amazing rental came on the market so we might try to sneak away there in late June.

2. Take a family vacation

Also already booked! We are heading to Montana over the 4th for a wedding on Dan’s side of the family! I’ve been in the winter and fell in love with it but never been in the summer so I can’t wait to see it and do some great hikes together! Dan picked up this baby carrier backpack for hiking with Henry.


3. Visit Starved Rock at least once and other, nearby forest preserves at least 1-2 times a month

We went to a forest preserve this past weekend and it was so therapeutic (says the city dweller) to be out in nature. Want to make this a regular thing! My sister sent me an article ages ago on the importance of “forest bathing” – or spending time in the woods – and I love that concept. I am definitely appreciating the outdoors so much more than I ever did before the older I get.


4. Take morning walks 3x a week even if it’s raining

We do this pretty regularly as it is, and it’s really great. We’ve had such crappy weather since basically October, I want to make it a priority EVEN if it’s raining. I’m setting the bar low at 3x a week only because I still regularly have days where I wake up feeling absolutely awful and on weekends we will often have other plans so I want the goal to be realistic… assuming this is on weekdays… 3x is the goal!


5. Take Henry swimming

In pools, in lakes, I want my boy to get used to water asap and not fear it. Also need to get him in swim lessons! I was a big swimmer growing up and it’s really important my kids learn to swim safely, properly, and sans floaties at a young age.


6. Make popsicles Henry can eat

Meaning not too sugary, full of fresh fruit. Need to look up some recipes!


7. Shop the local farmer’s market

Logan Square has an amazing market on Sunday mornings I want to start visiting and shopping at!


8. Host a brunch or dinner party on our roof deck

This one is tricky because it’s so weather dependent but I’d love to host my girlfriends for a dinner al fresco!

9. Go blueberry picking

Michigan truly has THE BEST blueberries. When they’re freshly picked – oh my god. I could eat a pound in one sitting. I think this will be really fun on our drive up to the lake house or to my sister’s house in Grand Rapids.


10. Get our house ready for baby #2

This is a whole list of its own of things we want to get done this summer – will share it all in an upcoming post!


And that’s it! I think we can do it!


What’s on your family bucket list?


A Few Summer Must-Haves: