Our Bedroom Before and After

I’ve walked you through the entryway before and after and our living room before and after! So now I figured I’d show you all one of your favorite rooms – even though the transformation isn’t as shocking… the master bedroom!

This room, along with the living room and entry, were really the three spaces that sold me on renting the house. It’s about 3-4 times bigger than any bedroom I’ve ever had, has beautiful bay windows, decently high ceilings, a FIREPLACE MANTEL (even though the fireplace doesn’t work)… it’s just really special.

I want to walk you through move-in to today!


THE BEFORE: First time looking at the place

Yes, that is a screw driver stuck into a vent propping the bedroom door open. [Insert hand slap to forehead emoji here.]

But overall – this room was always a wow. Even with the dirty paint and cords everywhere.


BEFORE MOVE IN: The magic of white paint

When we first viewed the place, the realtor said the landlord was willing to paint all of it. (Which… I mean, technically all landlords are supposed to do if there’s enough wear and tear so… yea.) Bonus was we could choose the paint color!

We came by to see it while they were still painting and it was already looking SO MUCH better. Holes and dings patched up and painted over, cords removed. Good things happening all around.

PAINT COLOR: Ultra Bright White by Behr in eggshell finish



We moved all of our existing bedroom furniture in right away. And almost none of it worked. The headboard was great – and good thing we had a queen and not a king because a king would BARELY fit if at all in that perfect nook carved out. We also brought the Eames lounger, mid-century nightstands, Turkish rug, and both dressers into the space. All of that would eventually go and make way for a new design…



We lived with paper taped up in our windows for… I don’t even know how many months. Then hung sheer curtains which literally did nothing for privacy but looked really beautiful. Up until this past week, we had pieces of art that weren’t being used propped up in the window sill blocking the bottom half of the window from any passersby so they couldn’t see in. I ended up ordering these up/down shades from online – more than I would have liked to spend but they are so lovely and much nicer looking than the art!

We changed out the ceiling light fixture with a chandelier that was in our last living room… which was also a rental. See? Easy to take with you when you move! And we’ll take it with us again! (It’s from West Elm and sadly no longer available.)


The Design Plan & Inspiration

Eventually I started hashing out a plan. I knew the rug – that I loved – was not working.

We needed one large dresser instead of two narrow ones. We had the perfect wall for it.

Obviously I looked to Ali Cayne’s gorgeous Brooklyn brownstone for inspiration…

I wasn’t about to do a black wall, but the shag Moroccan rug, the all-white bedding, a white dresser and “dressing table” styling… I could work with that!



Ultimately we recreated a really bright, airy, relaxing space. I went with sconces for next to our bed to save precious surface area on the nightstands. We upgraded to taller, bigger nightstands that look black but are actually a super dark wood finish. I loved our white ones but they were too low and small so we moved them into the guest room.

The giant black floor mirror was 50% off on clearance (and no longer available in black) – it was a big purchase but well worth it.

The new, wide 6-drawer dresser came from Land of Nod – now Crate & Kids! The round mirror above it is from Urban Outfitters!


Since the photo shoot in August…

At Christmas we added a tree to the room! Zhushed up the bed area. It was magical. You can see the full holiday tour here!

after photos and Christmas photos by Aimee Mazzenga Photography


Spring 2018 Refresh

We’ve now been in the house over a year… we actually made a few changes even though the room was technically “done” because of baby on the way. Turning the office into the nursery meant we needed a few things. So we’ve since sold the lounge chair, moved the marble table into the living room, and added a desk…

And a bassinet for baby boy! And a settee at the foot of the bed for TV viewing and what I’m guessing will be many hours spent nursing…

I also just switched out the bedding for spring with new linen bedding from Serena & Lily, but I have a whole post later this week about making your bed so it looks and feels like a hotel bed!

Coming soon!