Our Christmas Tree (and Its Dilemma)

Yesterday afternoon Dan and I got our fresh 10-foot tree for the living room! A true dream!

Our car is a Toyota Corolla and we figured there was no way a 10 footer would be fitting on the roof, so we used an hourly car rental company – GetAround (it’s an app, second time I used it, highly recommend!) – to rent an SUV for the job (which ended up being a fancy BMW, $11 for an hour and a half). It worked!

So this is where I wanted to put the tree – in the windows, naturally, for spreading cheer to all passersby.

I questioned whether we needed to rearrange the furniture but found this photo of Aerin Lauder for Williams-Sonoma and thought – ok, so a GIANT tree behind a sofa works! Bonus points it’s also an English roll arm.


So we had a plan. We had an SUV. Off we went to our local Home Depot, where the 9-10′ trees ran around $99 (I saw other tree lots had large trees for $150-250.)


I found this 9 footer which I thought worked! Dan vetoed. Said we needed bigger.


A la this!! He’s 6’1″ for perspective.


And on the car it went!

A lot of you have asked about my coat and boots! The coat is this Fjallraven jacket that is arguably the warmest coat I’ve ever owned and will likely last me a lifetime. See similar here and budget-friendly option here. And the boots are these duck boots by Sperry, except I have them in green. And this is the festive plaid scarf!


Got it home!


And put it up. Now in all fairness, it does look smaller in this photo than it actually is. These are 12′ ceilings.

I’m wondering – does it look too small? Is it big enough for being behind the sofa or do we need to rearranged? We coooould do what we did at Halloween where we push the sofa back against the window, move one of the brown chairs to the right of the sofa across from the TV, and bring the tree next to the fireplace where the gallery wall is.

But then the tree wouldn’t be in the window.

Thoughts?! Please share in the comments!



And we haven’t decorated yet but this is how it will look….

1. green myrtle cranberry wreath
2. car novelty ornament
3. classic needlepoint stockings
4. plaid wool throw
5. pine spray
6. simple brass stocking holder
7. light-up ornament
8. velvet tree skirt