Our Small but Mighty Mud Room

My absolute favorite thing about our new home (ok–besides the kitchen) is the attention to detail… I think I said before but the builder specializes in millwork so the trim on the doors, windows, ceilings, and walls are built-out like I hadn’t seen in any other property we looked at that had been built in the last twenty years. He even added a wall of built-in bookshelves in our family room for the TV, which adds a ton of much-needed storage.

The point of this is… he also built out a little mud room at the back door. Most condos in the city have a back door that simply opens into the kitchen or hallway – or family room if the home has that. He added a built-in bench, shelves, and tile flooring to create a formal back entry – similar to a mud room in a house. Yes… it is small. But it’s super functional! And I knew with the right items, it would suit all of our needs for coming and going.

Fortunately, once we knew we were getting this place, I heard from the folks at Pottery Barn about PB/Apartment. Yes – you’re hearing that right. Pottery Barn launched an entire Apartment collection that offers stylish small scale furniture for stylish small homes – urban or elsewhere. This chic sleeper sofa is one of my favorite hacks ever for studio living or if you want a space for guests but have a one bedroom! We considered getting it for our home since we no longer have a formal guest room.


A few of my favorite items from the Apartment collection:

rolling kitchen island | sleeper sofamarble coffee table | storage bench
dining chair | bistro table | nightstand | platform bed


Lucky for me, they have an entire section dedicated to The Entryway:

It offers standing closets, coat racks, umbrella stands, wall shelves, hooks, baskets, mirrors and everything else you could possibly need to make getting in and out of the house easier. Even if you’re lucky and have a coat closet by your door – which let’s be honest, most small apartment DO NOT – you still need that place to put your shoes, keys, purse, etc. If we didn’t have our current set-up I definitely would have wanted to add the “standing hall tree” you see pictured centered above.

But because we do having the bench and shelf situation already… I mainly looked to the accessories and storage options PBapartment was offering that would help keep us get organized: baskets, wall hooks, bins, etc –> even love this bone shaped basket for the dogs’ items.



This was the first time I saw the mud room: obviously still during the building phase but I was in love and it made the place feel so homey. More like a house, less like a condo.




The two baskets on the floor are for Dan’s and my shoes. The bins above are for winter accessories. The hooks are for coats, my purse, and the dogs leashes. And we use the bench to put on our shoes or rest Henry’s diaper bag. It is SO NICE knowing where everything is without it being a mess. Small space, made stylish and organized. Win win!


This post was in partnership with PB Apartment and RewardStyle – it’s a brand I’ve loved and used for years and all of the opinions within are my own. 

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