Our Top Baby Names

I shared our top 5 baby names for both genders when we were pregnant with Henry… this time around the list looked a bit different though you’ll definitely seem some repeats!

Upon learning we were expecting, we immediately knew what a girl’s name would be. There is only one name I’ve ever wanted to use and Dan likes it a lot so it wasn’t much of a discussion.

But as certain as we were on a girl’s name, we truly had no strong feelings on any one boy’s name. Dan kept telling me… why are we even discussing this, let’s just wait to find out because if it’s a girl, this issue is moo. That didn’t reeeally settle with me as I like to have an idea and right off the bat we had no frontrunners. So I started our list of names in my iPhone Notes.

I should emphasize the planning part of pregnancy is a lot of fun for me. I don’t find brainstorming names particularly stressful – probably because we don’t fight over it. We typically respect the power of Veto because there are enough we both like so it’s fun. It’s like a little project. Something to cross off my planning list. Same with decorating the nursery. I know a lot of people wait to meet the baby, but I love being able to call the baby by name while they’re in my belly. It builds my excitement and helps me connect more with the lil bean growing inside of me. 🙂


1 Favorite Girl Name (singular):


but we’d call her Bee.

Bee Schmieder. How adorable.


Other girl name we really like:



If it’s not obvious, I really like traditional names. But I also really wanted something more unique… I even googled “popular boys names from the 1800s” to see what would come up. Surprisingly not that different from today. A lot of James, Daniel, Thomas…  but there were some fun new ideas! See below…


Our Many Favorite Boy Names:




Thaddeus (Teddy)

Archibald (Archie) –> got this idea watching Victoria, also love Archibald/Archie Graham from Field of Dreams

Beckett (Beck)


Charles (Charlie)


Finneas (Finn)



Arthur (Artie)


So that is that! We will be sharing the gender VERY soon I promise, but I wanted to think of a creative way to do a video again (and need to find the time, still haven’t taken Henry’s 12 month pic) like we did with Henry’s gender reveal because I want to do something equally special for both of them and not like a big reveal for the first-born a ho-hum nothing for the second… I want to keep it fair! 🙂

So I’ll also be doing some pregnancy update posts again which are probably more for me than you. Since being pregnant again, I went and looked back at my Henry pregnancy posts and I am SO glad I did them. It’s so fun to look back on since I’ve forgotten most of it and how I felt at different times.


Are any of my favorites your favorites?!


all images via @juniperbabyandkids