Pregnancy Update: Week 18 with Baby Schmieder

And just like that it’s week 18! Which is basically week 20 which is basically halfway… crazy!

I’m going to keep this super short because I’ve caught a 24-hour stomach bug all weekend and though the worst of it seems to have passed, I can still barely keep my eyes open. And also, there’s not much to report!

I’m going to be doing these weekly updates on the blog answering questions, filling you in on me, the babe, the bump, the nursery, and pregnant life.


Seriously not much update on this end. The bump almost looked bigger in last week’s photo!

That being said I haven’t eaten much all weekend due to being sick (which I heard a lot of you are also!), and am honestly so proud I showered today and got this photo taken. I’ve pretty much been horizontal the past 38 hours watching Friends and Netflix/Hallmark Christmas movies.


As for our Christmas card which so many of you kindly voted on, Baby Announcement won out by a landslide! 🙂

But I completely agree on loving photo cards that we ended up putting the honeymoon photo on the back!


Nursery Update

Also earlier this week I asked you all to vote on a crib, and it seemed pretty decisive! We are going with #1!


No new purchases for Baby S this week… so really that’s all I have to report! I’ve been feeling pretty good over all–prior to getting sick this weekend–which let me tell you is a whole lot scarier when someone else’s itty bitty body is at risk! I was so scared of what being dehydrated could do but fortunately it didn’t last long…


Also if you missed it, I shared our TOP FIVE BABY NAMES for both boy and girls!


Sorry for the short post but I’m quickly falling back to sleep…!


Happy Sunday! One more week ’til Christmas! 🙂


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