Readers’ 10 Favorite Items of 2019

I love looking back at the year and seeing what posts had the biggest response from readers, what Instagrams had the most engagement/saves/and shares, and what products you all were the most interested in! This year kids’ products held the top three spots – the flash cards I used for Henry when he was around one year old were technically the #2 item – but I was more excited to share the other items on the list!

So here they are – the ten most shopped items from my blog and instagram in 2019. Did you add any of these to your own home or life? Did you shop anything I recommend not on this list? I always love to hear!


10. Honeycomb pendant – the number ten spot is the honeycomb pendant I put in our family room! I’m honestly surprised this isn’t higher but I get you either have a spot for it or you don’t, unlike some of the smaller items higher up. We have the 22″ in our family room but it really works great anywhere! I just put it in a client’s nursery. Love it in a dining area, hallway, entry, bedroom, even in bathrooms!

9. Teak step stool – This was a surprise hit as it was something a lot of you were in the market for! Henry uses it in the kitchen to reach the counter, play in the sink, help prepare his meals, and help us cook! But I’ve reached it for a number of times myself to get to hard to reach places. This is also great for kids in the bathroom to reach the sink for teeth brushing and hand washing. Really sturdy.


8. Monogrammed leather toiletries travel set – I’ve had these for years and looove. Gave them to my maids of honor, we’ve gifted them to employees at The Everygirl, I recommend them to everyone I know. Amazing gift and available in a lot of colors. It’s not shown here with the monogram but it’s a beautiful detail to add. Every time they pop up in my insta stories I get dozens of questions asking for the source. Here they are! Highly recommend.


7. Flannel joggers – only $24! Amazing price for such soft quality and a chic style. I’ve been wearing this set to bed most nights this December. The top that goes with the bottom is also very flattering as it has a lower neckline than most flannel PJ sets.

6. Rattan counter stools – we put these in our kitchen to replace the ones we originally had that were breaking and they’re a serious upgrade! So sturdy and comfortable.


5. Drunk Elephant Babyfacial –  cult favorite, at home facial I use weekly. I’ve shared this a few times in stories and you can even use when pregnant. Highly recommend!


4. Lidded baskets – I never thought I’d describe a basket as beautiful but this one really is. We use the medium size as a hamper and I honestly want to purchase more. They look so great in the corner of any room.

3. Joggers – during pregnancy and now post-partum, I’ve purchased my fair share of comfy black pants this year at all price points. These win as my absolute favorite and they’re the cheapest at under $40. I’m wearing them right now as I type.


2. Busy board – this was a surprise to see this in one of the top spots! I think I only shared it once in my Instagram stories when we brought it to a restaurant for Henry to use. It’s so great for car, travel, restaurants, waiting rooms, etc. – not to mention wonderful at helping your little one hone their fine motor skills. And it’s so lightweight, it fits in my purse.

1. Little Climber and Slide – the number one spot belong to this beauty, which Henry received for his first birthday and looooves. Yes, it’s an investment piece. But when my 5- and 6-year-old nieces came over and wanted to play with it, I knew it had longevity. Henry loves it. Great quality. It’s fold flat for easy storage. Wonderful gift!


I’ll share my top instagram posts as the year comes to an end! I know with the pregnancy I wasn’t feeling well and juggling a one-year-old I didn’t get to post as often as I wanted this year. I really hope that changes in 2020 (despite having two babes – hopefully we’ll get into a groove) – but I have some projects I’m really excited about that would make for some great content! Thanks for sticking with me!

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