#SchmiedskiGreystone: Available for Photo Shoots!

I’ve had a few emails now in the year since our home tour went live from people inquiring if they could rent our home for a photo shoot. Either photographers or producers who are scouting on behalf of brands – I think it’s a great idea, and I’ve always said yes!

I just had another request last week, so I figured – I have this cool space and who knows how much longer we’ll be here so why not let the world know? If you’re a photographer, stylist, producer, blogger, event planner, product designer, shop owner, whoever, in and around Chicago and looking for a location for a lifestyle shoot of any kind… shoot me an email at alaina.lcy@gmail.com! Rates vary depending on hours and needs and whether or not you have insurance.

You’re also welcome to use my furniture and my many styling items in your shoot if you let me know ahead of time.

I personally have shot a number of campaigns for The Everygirl and my own blog and instagram… depending on the size of the production, you’re of course welcome to move things around, bring in your own furniture items, hang art, style tablescapes or food stories, etc.

All rooms have bright white walls, natural light, and twelve foot ceilings.


Spaces available for shooting:


– includes wood burning fireplace, twelve foot ceilings, an English roll arm sofa and two white armchairs…



– fireplace not functional



Entryway + Staircase


Master Bedroom


Second Bedroom


Email me at alaina.lcy@gmail.com for rates and availability!