Retail Therapy: 6 Things I Bought Online This Week

We are in our second week at home, my third working exclusively remotely, and it feels like it’s been a month or more. Still I cannot complain at all–my family gets to be home together and we’re all safe and healthy while so many out there are sick from or fighting this virus on the frontlines. So I couldn’t ask for anything more.

That being said–anyone else stress shopping? Zoiks. I’ve been. Retail therapy with the click of a button. Trying my best to keep it practical with things that we need or could help us during this time.

Here are a few things I’ve bought in the past week excluding groceries and medicine. A blog post unboxing if you will as most of this hasn’t arrived yet.

1. This mini trampoline for Henry to get energy out. We were going to get this for his second birthday, but… birthday came early.

2. These CBD bath salts and lotion for all the relaxing vibes… soak my weary bones, calm my weary mind. Cannot recommend enough. Also –> AMAZING MOTHER’S DAY GIFT, PEOPLE!

3. This reheatable neck wrap – for my nighttime relaxing and my migraines.

4. This all-over ointment for Charlie’s eczema that came highly recommended from everyone. Thanks for the suggestions!

5. I ended up getting these mule loafers in black and caramel because I know I am going to liiiive in them (when I can). They’re versatile, comfortable, and go with everything. My favorite type of fashion. Win, win, win.

6. Lastly, I placed an order for Abby&Finn biodegradable diapers since I’m worried we’re going to run out… these boys pee. A lot.


What have you bought since you’ve been in isolation? Things for yourself? Things for the kids?

Have you supported any smaller, independent companies? Please share!