Where We Are Registering for the Baby Shower

Happy Friday! I wanted to share this as we’ll be spending some time this week putting the finishing touches on our Baby Registry. Both my mom and Dan’s mom have generously offered to host baby showers for Baby Boy S so we’re trying to make sure it’s done before the invitations go out.

I will soon post a much more comprehensive list of what’s going on said registry, but a lot of you have asked where we’re registering.

Well, we only have one baby registry. But we are registering at a ton of places.

How you ask?





Why We’re Using Babylist

One simple reason: you can add items from any online shop!


Bonus Reasons:

  • Support Small Businesses & Makers: You can add adorable, unique items you won’t find in big box stores to your Babylist–(I’m sharing a few of my favorites below!) So many of the items that I want to get Baby S I discovered on Instagram and are sourced from very small mom&pop type shops (from around the world!) who just offer a handful of product (sometimes even one product) and therefore don’t offer registry options on their site. Well, they’re going on our registry!
  • Add “service” gifts: There are certain things that are just as helpful and important when a new baby comes around (so I’ve been told)–home cooked meals, babysitting help, or help walking the dogs. There are options to add all of that on Babylist. They even have handy help & favor coupons.
  • Cash Funds: You can create cash funds for anything you’d like (diapers, college, parental leave, the minivan, etc.). Babylist transfers the money straight to your bank account. Works really great for group gifting with those big ticket items too (like that $$ stroller we’re looking to get).
  • Crazy Easy to Use: it operates just like Pinterest where you add a button to the top of your browser and can “pin” or as this works… “Add to Babylist” whenever you spot an item you want to add! You can also share it with your partner so they can add to it from their own device.

Here are just SOME of the shops I’ve added items from… frequently just adding one or two pieces!

You can see the shops listed along the left-hand side in the screenshot above.

And say your aunt is a crazy loyal Nordstrom shopper, or your cousin will only use their Amazon Prime free shipping to shop – they can select “Nordstrom” or “Amazon” and just see the products from those shops. Cool, right?

But do you notice all the small businesses? It’s such a wonderful feature to support them. A few of my go to’s are Spearmint Love, Juniper Baby, Noble Carriage, and Organic Zoo!


And still more cool features:

Add or link to your existing registries: Already created a registry somewhere else? No problemo. You can easily combine them with your Babylist registry and keep all your items in the same lovely place. One link on shower invites instead of two or three? Yes, please!

Price change alerts: Babylist sends email alerts when there are price changes or availability updates on your baby registry! Love this.

Free registry insert cards: I actually need to let my mom and mother-in-law (who are throwing me a baby shower) know about this one… but Babylist will send you free (and adorable) registry insert cards for your shower invites.

Free shipping: Free shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Babylist. Babylist also lets your gift givers choose which retailer they want to purchase from (but keep in mind that those retailers have their own shipping policy).

Free Hello Baby Box: Babylist offers a free Hello Baby Box to qualified registrants full of goodies for you and baby from trusted brands and services.


Which brings me to the Hello Baby Box:

As of this month, Babylist is offering a free Hello Baby Box to new, active and valid registry users who created their registry on or after December 26,2017.

We just received ours and it was so exciting it was like getting the first baby gift.

It comes with up to $160 in offers…

Some of the things in our box included:

  • a special print to frame
  • sample products including a Windi, a BreatheFrida BoogerWiper, Organic Nipple Balm, a Pampers newborn diaper and wipes, Cetaphil baby lotions, Lansinoh breastmilk storage bags and nursing bags, and a breastfeeding starter pack from Kinde
  • and coupons and gift cards…! Including $50 to UrbanSitter, which tons of you recommended when I asked for child care recommendations. And more.

So yea–that was exciting! All for registering at a place I was already excited to register at. As Michael Scott would say, win win win.

Note: I saw the Hello Baby Box is in limited quantity and contents change each month. Only available to US residents.


I know a lot of my readers are also expecting (yay!), so I definitely encourage using Babylist for your registry! It’s so fun to use (I probably spend too much time working on it… it’s basically my new nighttime activity.)



“goodnight” wire sculpture art, Anthropologie
lion booties, Juniper Baby
suspender romper, Juniper Baby
striped onesie, Baby Mori
striped bloomers, Noble Carriage
Bambi wooden teether, Noble Carriage
board book, Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada by Jimmy Fallon
ultrasound picture, Baby S’ little feet!



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