My 12 Favorite Failproof Area Rugs

In continuing our shopping home decor series (here I shared my favorite sofas, lamps, kitchen styling, bathroom styling), I wanted to spotlight the item that I truly believe finishes off a space: the area rug.

The area rug not only anchors a room, but it warms it, softens it, and creates the background for what the rest of the room will look like. Much like the wall color, it can completely transform the color, tone, and look of a room… making it more casual or formal; brighter or darker.

I’ve dabbled with quite a few graphic rugs in the past, but have since played it safe and simple relying on a few favorites time and time again. Light neutral colors in natural fibers like jute, sisal, hide, cotton, and wool are truly failproof. Especially when they get the wear and tear ours do from dogs.

Another important thing to note is SIZE. When choosing a rug for your space, always err on the side of LARGER. You want the rug partially or entirely under the furniture around it. NOT falling short and floating in the middle (scroll down and look at my living room rug as an example). I too often see people make the mistake of getting a 5×7 for their living rooms and having the rug float under the coffee table but between all of the seating. This is too small. You almost ALWAYS want at least an 8×10 in a living room, if not a 9×12 or larger (9×12 IS quite large – we have 8x10s in both our living room and master bedroom and they’re decently large rooms).


So here we go: 12 neutral rugs you really can’t go wrong with!


1. grid wool rug (currently 40% off!) –> just got this for our master bedroom

2. jute rug in ivory –> have had this in several homes and recommend it to everyone I know, can’t beat the price

3. diamond grey/white rug –> we have this in black in our upstairs bathroom

4. jute chenille herringbone rug –> we have this at The Everygirl office, and it was our living room rug when I lived with Danielle

5. patchwork hide rug –> this has been our living room for the past two years. It literally cannot stain, it’s amazing.

6. Moroccan shag rug –> this has been in our master bedroom the past year. Yes, it sheds, but we love it. Just need to vacuum regularly.

The next six rugs I don’t have personal experience with but I’d grab up in a heartbeat!

7. ivory patterned rug

8. meadow dhurrie

9. diamond jute rug

10. tiger stitch rug

11. border jute sisal rug

12. patina grey area rug





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