Set Designs of the New Nancy Meyers Movie: Home Again

For Nancy Meyers fans, I know this week-old news is already old news, but the trailer for the new movie she’s produced (directed by her 29-year-old daughter Hallie Meyers-Shyer) is out and I’ve watched it 12 times at least…. pausing multiple times to take in the gorgeous set design Nancy’s famous for.

The film is Home Again and the leading lady is Reese Witherspoon. Other amaaaazing cast members (another Nancy thing) include Candace Bergen, Michael Sheen, Lake Bell, and more.

If you don’t know Nancy by name, you definitely know her fabulous movies: Something’s Gotta Give (Diane Keaton), It’s Complicated (Meryl Streep), The Intern (Anne Hathaway), The Holiday (Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz), Father of the Bride (Diane Keaton again)… each one as good as the next and just as beautiful.

Which brings me to the newbie: Home Again. The plot centers around Reese’s character, a 40-year-old mother of two little girls whose ex?-husband is not in the picture… until he shows up later in the film. I’m not going to lie, I’m slightly confused by it all – basically Reese has a one-night fling with a hot young guy when she’s out celebrating her bday, and then lets him and his two aspiring film-maker buddies live at her house… but in one of the trailers, one of the other guy friends says he’s in love with her, different from the guy she’s hooking up with. Intruiging, no? Perhaps a love triangle. My favorite of all the plots!

But enough about that: let’s talk home decor.

As I said, I paused repeatedly to screenshot all the goodness for you (but really for me). Let’s have a look!

The Living Room

I love how colorful and bright the decor in the living room is. Reese lives in the home with her two young daughters so I appreciate the happy, girly vibe. Of course, it maintains its California cool with white slipcovers, light wood, and woven materials. (I put together a Get the Look of this living room at the end of the post!)

The Dining Room

You can’t go wrong with a giant light wood  table and wishbone chairs, topped off with a big bowl of granny smith apples. Casual, comfortable, perfect for sitting around with family or friends or three hottie 20-something men who are all in love with you.

The Kitchen

The bright blue backsplash goes with the pinks and blue accents of the living room. Obviously loooove the herb garden on the window sill and pretty hand soap and dish soaps (this is her exact dish soap)! A stack of cookbooks, bowls of food on the counter – I like the “lived in factor” of all of Nancy’s sets and this is no exception.

The Bedroom–er, or guest house now that
I’m looking at it w/ the kitchenette in the back?

I personally loooove seeing this bedroom because it kind of reminds me of our own! Simple beige linen headboard, white bedding, black and white art. And she has a bed skirt, not a full framed bed. See, you can still be chic and sophisticated with a bed skirt (I recommend this one, it’s a bit nicer and tailored).

The Bedroom and Kids’ Room 

Charming and eclectic… again more pink accents since it’s a girl home.

Nightstand styling notes: books, personal photos, and fresh flowers… that’s all you need! Love it all.

The Outdoor Spaces

The outdoor spaces are definitely my favorite part of the home (just like the It’s Complicated home–remember Meryl’s garden?!). This makes sense the outdoors are extended living areas because California always has such good weather! How dreamy is that movie night set up on the back yard?! Cozy.


artificial bamboo plantglass bubble lamp | rattan daybedbasket to use as planterblack pedestal table | blue and white ginger jar | malibu beach art | relaxed white sofa | twisted wood coffee table  (cheaper coffee table option here) | natural jute rugpink and blue rug |  blue white pillow | black white mudcloth pillowpink throw

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

So that’s that! Are you excited to see it?! What is your favorite Nancy Meyers movie?! Let’s chat!