The Great Tote Bag Debate: Help Me Decide Blush or Taupe?

The time came I was ready to retire the oversized tote bag I’d be using the past three years. I love it. It’s in great shape and great for traveling. Alas – it has a giant bow on it, and I was just ready for a new, more simplified look.

Then a few days ago Everlane announced their new leather tote. And shared a dozen or so photos of Meghan Markle carrying it – that’s basically all we need to know.

Haha I kid. But really – the smooth leather, the price point, the quality and size are all amazing and too good to pass up. I’d been hunting for an ecru leather tote for myself and thought the blush option appeared to be light and muted enough that it was almost ecru. But I wasn’t sure so I also ordered the taupe color and figured I’d choose when they got here and send the other back.

They’re both gorgeous.

I cannot decide.


I am still so torn!

My head says taupe. More classic – can easily wear all four seasons.

My heart says blush. Prettier but trendier. More a spring/summer bag.

But also why couldn’t an ecru exist?! The color I really want.


Help?! Which one do you think?! Which would you get (or did you get)?!