8 Plaid Coats Under $300

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I had a big response to this lil’ #OOTD I posted on Instagram stories yesterday – so many of you asking for sources, so I figured it’d be best to share it here! All of the links are above – boots, coat, jeans! My eyeglasses and sunglasses are always always Warby Parker – I need prescription sunnies so I go there.

If you clicked, you’ll see the coat is a giant splurge I bought with store credit during Shopbop’s big 30% sale – I’ve never owned anything this expensive and I’m not going to lie… I feel a tiny bit fabulous in it. It just falls in a way that makes me feel cocooned and like I dressed up – even though I just have leggings and a sweater on underneath.

That being said – the style is trend I loooove and recommend to everyone: plaid overcoats. Here are a few others I really like under $300 (some under $100!)!

1. felted coat
2. checkered wool-blend coat
3. checked structured coat
4. green and navy plaid check coat
5. plaid coat
6. green check coat
7. red plaid coat
8. knee-length coat

I also love this light-colored wrap coat but it’s closer to $400.

I usually wear a plaid scarf during winter but I ordered this one in white to pair with it.


feature image by Brooklyn Blonde

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