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Reader Q&A: Transitioning to 2 Kids (Under 2)

Happy Friday Everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day actually…! This took me a while to get through, as you’ll see, it’s way too much information from me answering the questions you had about life with two under two (and the decision to have an elected second c-section!). I’m not going to promise all of it’s helpful. I’m not going to promise it…

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The Kitchen Trend I Am So Excited to See is Back

Hi, world! It’s me! For those of you who started following me in the last five or six years, you probably know this to be a personal blog where I cover lifestyle topics that largely pertain to, well, me. What I registered for, home decor projects I’m working on, my style, my family, my dogs. But back in the day,…

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The Top 20 Saved Photos of My Instagram This Year

We all know there are likes and comments and shares on Instagram, but there’s also a feature business accounts have that offers really valuable insight. It’s the “saved” feature. I can see how many times an image I post gets saved by followers. After looking over analytics for the year, one thing is clear: the boys get a lot of…

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