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Pregnancy Update: Looking Back on the 4th Trimester

Now that Henry is 6 months old, I figured I’d post this LENGTHY post I started two months ago… I had asked all of you to submit questions and started answering… and then just never finished. Ah sorry! I wrote out the answers to the “newborn life” right at 4 months, and I’m so glad I did… this already seems…

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The Business of Blogging and Why I Do It

The folks at LinkedIn asked me (and dozens of other entrepreneurs and professionals) to share their career journey. To share what I’m in it for. Why I wake up and do what I do every day. I thought that was a pretty great topic… so here goes. It all started 18 years ago. “But, Alaina, blogs didn’t exist 18 years…

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My Favorites from Serena and Lily Now 20%!

I still remember when Serena & Lily first came out… my mom and I were obsessed and I dreamed of having some of their beautiful items in my babe’s nursery one day. Everything from their bedding to their furniture, their throw pillows to their bathroom accents are so beautiful designed and curated. Any small item instantly pretties up a room…

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How to Buy Vintage Rugs on eBay

I’ve been a BIG fan of vintage Oushak rugs for the better part of a decade now… even if you don’t know what I’m referring to, you’ve definitely seen them. They’re frequently shown in stunning kitchens – usually perfectly worn in and in lovely muted colors. I actually got my first vintage runner at the Randolph Street Market – at over…

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