LiveCreatingYourself 2.0: Ramblings of a 30-Something

Welcome! You found it! I am guessing you are here because you either a. follow along on Instagram or Facebook, b. work at The Everygirl, or c. are one of our beloved family members.

What is this blog, you ask?!

For those of you who get this reference, think of it as the next chapter of Live Creating Yourself. The “what comes next.” The “ever after” sequel in my blogging saga.

I’m older. I’m in my 30’s. You could say career-wise I’ve… created myself. (Hardy har har.) And overall life is very different from when I was 23 and started Live Creating Yourself. So, I figured it was time for a new beginning with my personal blog.


Two main reasons.

One: I got married in October. To Dan. He’s the bee’s knees. I wanted to blog about our wedding and planning all of it and share the gagillion details I was so excited about. But I couldn’t share a whole lot until the final photos ran in the summer issue of The Knot (you can see the online story here!). Now that it’s live, I can SPILL ALL THE DETAILS with photos of the planning process and boatloads more pics than ran on the site.

Second: We moved at the beginning of the year due to a gas leak at our previous rental apartment and this house was the motivation I needed to get back in the game. I’ve been documenting every single step of the decorating process and it’s taken me almost 6 months to get this blog up to actually start posting! So you can expect a lot of decorating posts, just like the days of yore… and by yore I mean the days of Live Creating Yourself.



Part of what took me sooo long to put this thing together was coming up with a name. You may recall I dabbled with launching a portfolio/blog in my own name.. the short-lived I loved the design of that site but struggled with some of the functionality and really didn’t have the time or content ideas to see that through properly. Anyone who blogs knows it’s a lot of work. Basically a second job.

Anywho, back to the name! Elizabeth has been my most favorite name since I was 15 years old for a number of reasons… there are a few Elizabeths I really admire both fictional and historical: Elizabeth Bennet, Queen Elizabeth the I to name a couple… and I fell in love with the idea of naming my daughter Elizabeth and calling her Bee back in high school. (I promise it’s a thing–it’s actually Anna Wintour’s daughter’s name, as well). Yes – I even revealed this fun fact on LCY back in 2012 (see that post here: I shall call her Bee). I also live near Elizabeth Street in Chicago and so wish our house was on that street so that I could have all my mail sent to my Elizabeth Street address. Ah that’d be swell.

Anywho, I realize I may never have a daughter to name Bee, and I will probably never live on an Elizabeth Street. But I think it’s an absolutely lovely name so at least I can make it a part of my life this way.

I also really liked the idea of adding Post at the end of the blog name to make it an official chronicle and bring me back to my journalism degree roots–a subtle nod to publications I truly respect like that The Washington Post or the New York Times or the Huffington Post

So The Elizabeth Street Post, a blog by Alaina Kaz, is where I landed. I think it works. (Kaczmarski is a mouthful, I get it.)



The good news is I have a lot of ideas for content–39 post ideas to be exact based on travels, wedding planning, cooking, gardening, style, work at The Everygirl, and the big one–our home.

My goal to start is to post three times a week. I’m thinking Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday so you know when you can expect it. The Everygirl still keeps me super busy and I’m cramming this in on rainy weekends and evenings and trying to get ahead. But don’t hold me to that…

You’re also always welcome to ask questions and ask for specific post ideas… if you’re curious about anything.



No. I am not leaving The Everygirl. Breaks my heart to even see those words typed out so I wouldn’t want anyone to think it never ever. My business and my team and what we do are my passion. And no, The Everygirl is not going anywhere. Our brand and team continue to grow, and we have a ton of great stuff in store!


So hopefully you’ll join me and I can keep you entertained and interested for the months to come!


Thanks for checking in.