10 Items I am So Glad We Registered For

I’ve had so many questions about what we registered for and if I had any advice for the newly-betrothed. Pretty much everything on our lists were needs–either upgraded quality or matching sets, or add-ons to really “finish” our kitchen supplies. We definitely approached it from a practical standpoint and restrained from overdoing it with superfluous items that would barely get used–i.e. no ice cream makers or beer making kits or formal china, or I don’t even know… ten serving dishes in different styles.

So here’s a list of ten things we registered for that we use pretty much every day, and I highly recommend you consider adding to your list, as well. And if you’re not engaged and registry, just maybe consider adding to your home!

We registered at Williams-Sonoma, Crate and Barrel, and Anthropologie–but West Elm has great options also (like the world’s faaavorite Belgian linen bedding–and don’t forget a bed skirt!)! I know Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, and Food52 are other popular options.

1. monogrammed robes


Up until a year ago, the only time Dan ever wore a robe was when he was at a hotel… and we always loved wearing robes (if the hotel provided them) when we’re on vacation. So adding cozy white terry cloth robes complete with monogram to our registry (and getting them!) makes every night and morning at home feel a bit more like a little getaway.


2. linen border towels

i.e. fancy shmancy towels! My brother-in-law laughed when they stayed overnigh–he said they looked like throw blankets and were the nicest towels he’d ever seen. Also consider a new shower curtain, nice bath mat (we got this one), or other accessories for to “adultify” your bathroom. These wire shelves are another gem.

3. monogrammed cutting board

Decorative to leave out on our counter, practical for every day use, and a great token for your new family.

4. classic flatware

Our adult flatware–I’ve never had so many matching sets! Now we can ACTUALLY host a dinner party for 12 and they’ll all have the same flatware. A few of my favorite styles are these, these, and these. But ultimately we went with the York from Crate and Barrel, a fresh, modern take on a classic design.

5. cashmere throw

A true luxury that now I never ever want to give up. Everyone who sits in our living room and uses this throw (we also have it in this most perfect neutral color) comments on how it’s the softest, best thing ever. Because it is.

6. serving platters

Game changer when it comes to entertaining! My FAVORITE serving dishes are these French porcelain pieces my mom always used and we registered for, too: you can use them for everything… meats, veggies, sides, salads, kabobs, appetizers… I recommend one small and large of these  and one small and one large of these.


7. shun paring knife

Make sure to register for a great paring knife. They’re not cheap, but that’s why it makes a great gift. We cut everything with this gem, herbs, veggies, fruits, etc., and it’s soooo easy and makes the process go sooo much faster. Take good care of it, though! They can last forever!


8. seasonal decor 

We got married in October, so we added some really nice holiday pieces to our registry at Williams-Sonoma. Notably a great wool plaid throw for the holidays and a fresh bay leaf wreath that arrived a few weeks into November and was so lovely to have hanging on our front door for the season.


9. picture frames

Quality picture frames are usually expensive (especially if you want multiple!), but they are so nice to have on display and really elevate a room’s decor… a few of my favorites are this oversized matting black frame (we have 3 of these above our bed), these silver frames (great for displaying wedding photos!), and this chic burled wood style.

10. upgraded, matching wine glasses
(for both red, white, and champagne)

I’m talking respectable Olivia Pope glasses, ya’ll. A full set of them (at least 6 matching white wine glasses, and 6 matching red wine glasses). Because #adulting is real, and wine should be taken seriously.

Leave any questions in the comments!

You can see our full registries here, here, and here.