Design Updates for Our New Kitchen

As I mentioned in the q&a post about our new place, we bought a new construction duplex up before it was completed, so we are able to choose some of the finishes! Huzzah! Mainly hardware, lighting, and faucets.

Below is what the kitchen would have looked like with the builder’s selections. We got to go through one of his finished properties to see. Very lovely! But since we had the opportunity to customize, we jumped on it.

The only things that had been installed already when we toured what will be our place were the cabinets… so we got to choose:

  • countertops
  • hardware
  • lighting pendants
  • backsplash
  • sink
  • faucet


First request: ask to change the sink for a white farmhouse sink. Request granted.


Second: head to stoneware shop to choose countertops! Boy was this overwhelming! I ended up with Bianco Luna Quartz which was slightly different – more natural looking – than the speckled version he was using.


Third: head to Rejuvenation for hardware!


Fourth: make a slight change to the backsplash. I asked for traditional 3×6″ ceramic subway tile. The one he used in that other house was a bit smaller and glass – which was actually more expensive. But I like the traditional subway w/ white grout!


Fifth: choose and order lighting fixtures!


Keep in mind this all had to happen in a matter of… four days? Haha yes. Things are moving quickly!


So here’s where we’re at!

I was able to change up the sink for a white farmhouse sink! The builder chose a style like this from Kohler. Makes SUCH a big difference, I’m so glad I was able to make this switch!

And for a faucet we are doing a bridge faucet, also from Kohler. Years ago, I noticed Erika McPherson Powell of Urban Grace Interiors put these in almost all of her kitchen renos, and I fell in love with the look. We’re going with the Parq from Kohler in polished nickel.

I am also changing up his choice of cabinet hardware for brass hardware from Rejuvenation! I really really really loved how this oversized 6″ handle pull looked (shown above, as opposed to a traditional 3″ or 4″ pull), but because of the stacked cabinets, I ended up going with the simple round knob for all cabinet doors. The cabinet drawers will have a traditional bin pull in unlacquered brass, and the built-ins in the family room – which is basically a continuation of the kitchen cabinets – will have these old-school latch pulls that I absolutely love and am so so excited for.

We are finding out if changing the color of the kitchen island is an option. It’s currently a medium gray. I’d do a beigey color, a crazy light grey, white like my faaavorite kitchen, OR a muted light blue. Hah clearly I don’t even know what I’d want! TBD!

When I walked through the place the other day, I discovered there is wiring for a light fixture above the built-in bench space so I ordered this dainty pendant fixture that I am obsessed with.

I am 98% certain we’ll be putting these counter stools along the kitchen island unless I find something else I love more which I highly doubt I will!

The two island color options are:

a beige color like so:

….or a light blue island like below, which is gorgeous and you all LOVED the idea of on insta! I am just struggling with vision for the rest of the home so while I want a homey, family-esque style, I don’t know where to begin / cannot get a ton of new stuff. Zoiks.


So what color kitchen island?!

1.Keep it dark grey like it is

2. Paint it beige

3. Paint it light blue

Sound off in the comments!