Getting Ready for Baby #2: Have a Stair Runner Installed

This post was made in collaboration with Chase but all of the opinions are my own and the project costs were not paid for or provided by any brand mentioned.


Happy Tuesday! As you may recall, I am collaborating with Chase Freedom Unlimited as I document our to-do list working to prepare our home and lives for baby #2. The card earns us cash back, so fortunately, the expenses we are incurring working through our list are working for us in some capacity (new cardmembers get 3% cash back on the first $20,000 spent in the first year). I shared the full to do list here and am now happy to report the first item is checked off!

*please note this card is a proxy and not my actual card


The Number 1 item on our list was to install a stair runner.

Why did we want a stair runner, you ask?

Our condo had just been built when we moved in and the hardwood floors were suuuper slippery. Multiple adults had slipped and even fallen (not even on the stairs), but the stairs were even more dangerous if you took them too fast.

Once our lil’ babe arrives, we knew we’d be running up and down in the middle of the night to warm bottles or prevent a crying baby from waking up his older brother, etc., so, we wanted something more secure and softer underfoot for both us and our climbing toddler. It’s also quieter, cushier underfoot, and I just feel so much safer with it as opposed to the hardwood floor stairs.

I wanted something pretty and natural but also low-maintenance, so I reached out to an interior designer friend to ask what she had in her house, and she mentioned it was Fibreworks from Lewis Home and Floor which is a bit north of the city and quite a drive each way… I browsed their collections online to see what I liked and called to get quotes, but ultimately, it was impossible to make such a big decision and decide based on these small 2″x2″ virtual swatches. It was difficult to make out the color, the weave, the texture, how soft or scratchy they all were…

Since Chase Freedom Unlimited rewards new cardmembers with 3% cash back on all purchases in the first year (up to $20,000), I decided to dedicate 3% of my day towards my goal. That equates to about 43 minutes, which I used to drive up to Northbrook to see all of the samples in person and boy was it worth it. Since I used my cash back credit card, we earned on gas to get up to Northbrook and all of the other purchases we’ve made while getting ready for baby #2! 

It was so crucial seeing things in person – styles I had flagged as liking online looked completely different than I expected in person. I never could have gotten what I wanted had I not seen and felt the samples.

So here we go!


The Before



The crew from Lewis did this in a few hours one afternoon!


The After

And here it is! I’ve said at least five times since it’s been installed… “oh my gosh I’m obsessed with the runner.” It was truly a game changer in terms of comfort, security, and safety. I feel so much better when Henry is going up and down; I feel safer – and it’s SO soft underfoot, even on my knees – when I go up or down, especially when I’m in a hurry. Having that curve at the top cushioned makes a big difference. It’s just the best.


The carpet we went with is: Fibreworks – Canyon, color Sand

The edge is called surging which is a slight surcharge, but I think looks much nicer than the alternative of binding.

We also went with a Hollywood style which means it is folded and secured under the lip of each step as opposed to a Waterfall drape style… I had to google all of this and had no idea what it meant when they asked.

It isn’t soft like I want to rub my cheek on it but it feels great – not scratchy at all – underfoot. It doesn’t really show dirt or dust, is easy to vacuum, and overall, we’re really happy with this selection as it nicely compliments the other two rugs in our living area and dining room.

So that is one item off our to-do list! Onto the next! Will report back soon.