I’m Bringing Back My Art Prints – Need Your Input (Reader Survey)!

Hey everyone! As I mentioned on Instagram stories last night, I’ve decided to start selling my sketch art prints again! I used to sell them in an Etsy shop and through my blog Live Creating Yourself. Then when we launched The Everygirl shop we sold them there. But then that closed.

And I still get asked about them ALL the time! So per the little poll ya’ll weighed in on last night, I’m BRINGING THEM BACK!

A little back story… I drew these seven years ago and had them hanging in my first Chicago apartment. I’d get requests for custom designs and people wanted to buy them so I started printing and selling them.

The big seller was always the Eiffel Tower print and the European Series (Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, and Colosseum). In the past seven years, they have traveled with me through all of my moves and have hung in all six of my Chicago apartments. And we’ve used them countless times for Everygirl photo shoots. They’re just great versatile pieces of art! Simple and meaningful and go with almost any style room.

So! I really want to bring them back but before I go to a printer, I’d love to know how much to order of what! Sure you might love Chicago, New York, Texas and Paris, but you’re probably not buying all four.

If you wouldn’t mind filling out this super short survey, I’d really appreciate it! Should only take a minute. And stay tuned for when they’re available!


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