Our Baby Showers

Before #fleamageddon began, Dan and I got to spend the previous two Saturdays celebrating Baby Boy Schmieder with our beloved family and friends. Both my mom and my mother-in-law generously offered to throw celebrations–which was really great because one shower on its own would have been almost too large a group. This allowed us to really spend more time with everyone individually, and made the gift opening part manageable!

The Venues + Special Touches:

Funny enough – both my mom and MIL (along with my sister and sisters-in-law) hosted the showers at French restaurants. I’m clearly a gal of few specific tastes. We had macarons at both. 🙂

My mom had my childhood stuffed animal Peter Rabbit waiting to give baby S, and my MIL and sisters-in-law had framed baby photos of Dan and I on all the tables which were so fun to look at.

And I was gifted a beautiful wrist corsage to wear for both events. Old school and I love it.


The Dad, in Attendance:

It was really important to me that Dan be at both showers… after all, both celebrations were for our child, and those in attendance were our family and friends, celebrating us and our new addition. I think all of our guests really liked seeing him too. (He also always makes quite the impression on everyone.)

The Gifts:

We were completely overwhelmed by the generosity and thoughtfulness of all our family and friends, and absolutely wanted to open all of the gifts in front of everyone… after all, showering Baby S with gifts was kind of the point of it all! I know some people feel very differently re: this tradition, but I personally love seeing what people get! Hah

We received so many wonderful items off our baby registry – but also some really special, unique items and handmade mementos were gifted. A framed hand-written poem from Dan’s aunt, a handmade quilt from another aunt and crocheted baby blanket from a cousin, and a custom Cubs jersey with Baby S’ name on it from a dear friend.

And SO MANY AMAZING BOOKS. It made us so so so excited for story time as a family. Our parents generously went in together to get us our stroller/bassinet, and carseat combo.

All in all, they were really special days that we’ll remember forever and feel so grateful to have had.



What I Wore:

I wore Ingrid and Isabel dresses to both showers: this black ruched dress and this navy lace dress.


BIG thank you to our families for hosting these showers for us! I cannot believe we’re down to 7.5 weeks! Ahh!



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