Our Fall Front Stoop Makeover

I knew as soon as we moved into our house that I was going to decorate our front stoop for the holidays! And by holidays I mean… starting in October with festive fall decor. I posted about my inspiration here.

I teamed up with the folks at Home Depot–which has been my go-to source for plants, Christmas trees, planters, etc. for years–to create a harvest pumpkin delight on our front steps.



Here is our front stoop as it was before. Note* that is not our real door. That is photoshopped in as we are currently discussing getting the door changed out with our landlord, and I wanted to show him what it would look like!


It was really exciting when Dan and I were outside setting it all up and several people walked by and said “it looked gorgeous.” 🙂 Yay, happy dance, victory!

The real goal of course is to attract trick-or-treaters. Which, I hear how creepy that sounds… haha but I haven’t had trick-or-treaters…ever in my adulthood? And they’re sooo cute. We’ll be adding cobwebs when we get back from Paris for the last two weeks of October leading up to Halloween but for now… here it is!



6 mums, 2 hay bales, 8 smallish pumpkins (including 4 Cinderella ones), 2 gorgeous new urns for our topiaries, 2 cornstalks, 6 bushel baskets, 2 spooky lanterns, 1 cotton wreath, 1 black framed welcome mat, and 1 black crow!

I really struggled with what “color scheme” to go with. I wasn’t feeling the typical all white look I see popping up a lot – it just felt… too contrived? I don’t know. Not fall enough in my opinion. Orange is by no means my favorite color, but it is what feels like fall to me! I mean… fall is orange pumpkins and leaves changing… So I really loved the yellow/orange mixed mums and included some white to soften it. I also debated bringing in the purple or red mums, but didn’t want to overdo it and just went orange and white.

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