Our Home’s Holiday Decor

I love traditional holiday decor. Green and red and gold and things that sparkle and light-up. Plaids throws, wreaths hanging with ribbon, and ornaments with character. Luxe fabrics like velvet and wool and satin. It’s all so good.

Our fresh tree isn’t up yet but here’s our living room last year:

I know “all white” and non-traditional color patterns are often popular, but to me, these traditional elements are what make the holiday extra cozy and even nostalgic feeling. Plus there is nothing trendy about them–you can have these things for years and they’re never “in style” or out.

I wanted to share a few pieces we’ve invested in over the years – yes, I use that word because our needlepoint stockings and velvet tree skirt are both a bit more than I’d usually spend – but I know we’ll use them for years and years to come. The stockings forever. The tree skirt so long as it’s not stained.

1. green myrtle cranberry wreath
2. car novelty ornament
3. classic needlepoint stockings
4. plaid wool throw
5. pine spray
6. simple brass stocking holder
7. light-up ornament
8. velvet tree skirt


We ended up doing a second tree this year in our master bedroom which, as you know, is all black and white. The first time I’ve ever had two trees!

We went with this faux pre-lit 7.5′ tree from Home Depot.

To mix things up from my favored traditional style, I thought I’d see what a more neutral, white palette would look like in that space. And I wanted something different from what would be downstairs.

I really love how it looks in the bedroom, but I will say I still prefer the eclectic mix of the ornaments on our living room tree.

1. black and white tree skirt
2. sparkly hedgehog ornament
3. luster ornaments, set of 6
4. faux fur throw
5. white berry branch
6. ticking stripe ribbon
7. sparkly white house ornament (also got this, a bunch of these, this, and this from C&B)
8. white luster ornaments, set of 6

Get our faux pre-lit tree here!