Our Honeymoon Photos in Paris

Dan and I never took engagement photos. I’ve never quite understood them since my reasoning was “yes, they’re lovely, but a photo from one of our trips together, or laughing at a ball game, or at the lake house in the summer is so much more meaningful because it was from a specific event together.” Rather than an arbitrary photo shoot. This is not to offend people who take them or photographers who photograph them… it just wasn’t a need of ours.

Fast forward to our honeymoon. We’re in Paris with just a few days left when I get a message on Instagram from none other than Chicago-based photographer Amanda Megan Miller, who I happened to meet and work with when I spoke at the Martha Stewart Wedding event in Chicago the previous year. She said she was landing in Paris the next morning and would we have any interest in a little honeymoon photo shoot. Ooo interesting.

My and Dan’s first reaction was: camera shy. No way can we do that.

Then as the day went on, I kept bringing it up and the reason hit me. We will love having these to look back on. We’re in our favorite city, the only photos of us together are selfies. We have this super talented photographer at our finger tips, and we’re doing the thing we love, traveling–and it’s our honeymoon! So I messaged Amanda back and we were booked for an early AM shoot.

The above photos were the ones I was most uncomfortable taking… the walk together, laugh together, be in love photos that I’m guessing is what an engagement shoot is like. But the surroundings were so gorgeous, I’m glad Amanda made us take some. Isn’t she talented?!

After those, we redirected onto the things Dan and I loooove doing in Paris. Sitting and drinking. By fountains. In gardens. At cafes. That was us and that was our honeymoon.

All in all I’d say we shot for less than an hour? And yes. I’m now so glad we have these photos from our honeymoon.

As Amanda joked, shouldn’t honeymoon sessions be a thing?! Yes. I think we’re on to something.

A million thanks to you, Amanda, for making time on your trip to capture these. You are such a joy to work with and so talented.



photography: Amanda Megan Miller
location: Palais Royal, Paris, France