Our Roof Deck Design with CB2

Tada! I had so many requests for specific product requests from our roof deck design and as promised – here they are! I assume if you’re here you followed along my Instagram stories last weekend as we zhushed up the deck with plants and flowers and got everything in order! I’m beyond thrilled I was able to partner with CB2 on the space as they’ve been a long-time favorite brand of mine – thanks to everyone who came out to the events I hosted at their Chicago location the past year and a half! They offer the perfect look of contemporary chic style that is also elevated but inviting – ideal for a new city space. (And right now it’s all on sale!)

You may recall we were on the house hunt for months and months, and a huge selling point for us with this home was the oversized roof deck. It’s a really large deck so we knew we’d want to make this a second living space for the few, precious warm months Chicago gets when all Chicagoans want to do is be outside – our wifi extender even works out there so I will be working there on my work from home days.

Another thing we love about it is that half of it is covered which allows us to sit out there on super hot sunny days (amazing for Henry!) and on rainy days. If you’ve followed me a long time, you know sitting on a covered porch watching storms is one of my favorite things to do. It’s also great that the covered portion protects our upholstered items from the rain. WIN in Chicago. Too many times a random rainstorm will hit and we’ve forgotten to cover our outdoor cushions and it takes days for them to dry completely.

Shop the design from top left:

low box charcoal planters (size 36 x 16 x 16)

Edison bulb string lights

chaise sectional sofa

reversible striped throw pillow

woven throw pillow

shroom coffee table

smokey glass candle hurricanes (shown on coffee table)

8×10 outdoor rug

woven sunburst wall art

oversized black cushioned chairs

oversized black metal ottoman

mushroom side table

tall narrow pod textured planter (shown w/ grasses, 2 of these, size large)

low textured planter (shown w/ hydrangea, size large)

oversized stripe texture planter (shown next to standing cooler)

standing cooler

whitewash dining table

woven dining side chairs

black cushioned dining end chairs


And here was the space before:


My mock-up:


With the furniture in!

The sectional is a dream – like sitting on a family room couch – and it looks out at the city skyline.

We still plan to hang curtains behind the sofa but ordered the wrong rod size so I’ll post about it when it gets here! And we need to hang the sunburst woven art on the wall but need to figure out how best to do that, as well.

Will do a follow-up post w/ info on all the plants and flowers we went with in the next day or so! I have to pull out all the labels from the pots and look over it again! 🙂

Thanks for following along! And a huge thanks to CB2 for helping us make this space so so beautiful!