Restyling Our Bedroom and Bathroom

Remember the Friends “Pottery Barn” episode? Ross’ famous: “Who doesn’t love POTTERY BARN?!” Hah I feel you, Ross.

Pottery Barn has been a reliable go-to for as long as I can remember… they make timeless, quality staples that are worth investing in – I even got my first big sofa purchase from them years back (the Carlisle roll arm). And the black wide mat frames you all love (shown below) are from PB from over 12 years ago – and I still have them hanging in my home. They’ve lasted 7+ moves and are still in amazing shape!

So when they asked if I wanted to spotlight some of their organization products the answer was easy. A duh. Love them, own them, want to share them. Plus they’re all on huge sale right now for the Friends and Family event (save 25% off your purchase!) so if you were ever going to buy – now’s the time to stock up! The savings helps tremendously whenever you’re buying multiples of something like baskets. I’m actually ordering our curtains and rods for our living room and dining room now during the sale.

But for this assignment, I really wanted to focus on our bedroom. After the last few super stressful weeks at our home, saying goodbye to our sweet Fiona, keeping things organized fell to the wayside in favor of spending quality time with one another. It’s been tough getting out of the grief – and it’s still very much so there for me – but I’ve been trying to take on things to help clear my mind: one of which is cleaning and organizing, which has always been a big de-stressor for me. Last weekend I tackled Henry’s toys, as well as our room. I don’t know if it’s the fast end result or just the peacefulness that comes from a lovely, organized space – probably both – but it’s truly therapeutic and calming for me. And I wanted our bedroom to feel like the relaxing respite it once was.

Our nightstands, which I love, are almost always a mess. Water glasses, diapers, teethers, Henry’s lotion, (we change him into his jammies in our room), wrappers from whatever breakfast bar I ate that morning while getting ready, glasses, books, magazines, tech, chargers… it’s a constant pile of stuff. Enter a few lidded storage solutions that help corral the mess.

This whitewashed lidded paper catchall is so amazing and currently on sale for $16.99! They’re ideal for sorting mail in the kitchen or on your desk, but I actually put them on our nightstands and in our bathroom – which I’ll show you below. I love it because they have hidden storage but also act as a tray which makes corralled odds and ends look tidier. So I’ll keep small things I set down at the end of the day on the tray on top – my jewelry accessories, eyeglasses, phone. And I keep my iPad and book hidden in the basket portion. They also make baskets in this pretty whitewash pattern.

The Savannah lidded baskets have a thick weave and warm color and is a favorite collection of mine at Pottery Barn. One medium sized basket fit perfectly on the bottom shelf to hide odds and ends that I’d rather not have in sight. These are amazing for any open shelving you might have – built-ins in the family room, office shelves, kids toys’, etc.

I also highly recommend the Beachcomber tote basket as a large floor planter – especially great if you’ve bought a faux fiddle leaf fig or similar tall plant. It warms up any space – living or bedroom!


And in the master bathroom – here’s the BEFORE. This room was completely cleaned the day before I took this and it’s always just a little messy… towels strewn on the bars, make-up out, toothbrushes and toothpaste never put away, make-up stained towels.


But look what a little organizing and storage solutions can do:

Yes – that’s the same whitewash paper catchall that’s on our nightstands! I love the hidden storage + tray feature for displaying pretty items!


I also picked up some key bathroom storage essentials for all of our bathrooms:

classic glass containers make essentials like soap, q-tips, cotton balls, etc.

white basketweave porcelain containers if you want those things hidden

matte black porcelain containers if you want a more sleek, contemporary look


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