SHOP OUR HOME #SchmiedskiGreystone: Lighting

To make it easier for people to source the things they see in our home on Instagram, follow this series SHOP OUR HOME #SchmiedskiGreystone. Sometimes it will be product by room, sometimes it will be a specific item category.

You can see the mirrors we have here (there’s a surprising amount of mirrors around this place). Now we’re on to lighting!

As I mentioned in the “Things We’re Updating in a Rental and Why” post, we will be taking all of these light fixtures with us when we move out. 

We changed most of the overhead lighting in the house. We did not change bathroom lighting, guest bedroom lighting, or kitchen lighting. But the main living spaces and our bedroom did get an update.

Behold, the magic of updating your lighting…

the entryway pendant

the dining room pendant

the hallway flush mounts

the bedroom light fixture

the living room chandelier



1. Contemporary Black Chandelier

Where to get it: Wayfair
Where you saw it: in our office

2. Noble Chandelier

Where to get it: Candelabra
Where you saw it: in our living room

3. Mini Marble Lamp

Where to get it: West Elm
Where you saw it: on our guest room dresser

4. Shiny Gold Dome Pendant

Where to get it: Rejuvenation
Where you saw it: You haven’t yet! But it’s in our entryway.

5. Contemporary Matte Black Floor Lamp

Where to get it: Lamps Plus sold out: see similar here
Where you saw it: in our living room

6. Linen Shade Brass Plug-in* Sconce

Where to get it: Wayfair or Lamps Plus *no hardware required
Where you saw it: flanking the headboard in our bedroom

7. Matte Black Flush Mount

Where to get it: CB2 (comes in three colors)
Where you saw it: flush mount lighting in our downstairs hallway

8. Brass Swing Arm Plug-in* Sconce

Where to get it: Schoolhouse Electric *no hardware required
Where you saw it: above the bookshelves in our living room

9. Black and Brass Linear Pendant

Where to get it: Rejuvenation
Where you saw itabove the table in our dining room



If you have multiples fixtures within a room or a wide open space where you can see different fixtures all at once… I have a few tips for helping you choose and pair wisely:

  • they don’t have to MATCH (in fact, they 100% should NOT be a part of any matching set… matching sets are the worst) but they should compliment one another
  • what I mean by this is stick with similar colors and metals… our entry, hall, living room and dining room are all quite visible from one to the next so I used a brushed brass and matte black for the most part. The living room chandelier was a curve ball that was so wildly different in style from the more contemporary pieces that I think it worked.
  • change up the shape–don’t do multiple chandeliers or multiple single pendants. If you have a pendant in your entry, try a chandelier over the dining table, and a fancy semi-flush mount in your living room. If you have pendants over your kitchen island, do a more rounded, complex chandelier over the eating area. Make sense?

Hope this helps!