We’re Expecting!

Whoa does that feel so good to say!

Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to you A SECRET?!

First off – wow. Thank you so so much for your excitement! I’m just overwhelmed by your kindness and support and compliments… more than I ever could have expected and I’m honored and flattered!

I feel like I have SO much I want to share. I’ll try and break this down by the questions we’ve been asked the most…

Q. How far along are you?

A. I am fifteen weeks today! One week into the second trimester (which I’ve heard is the honeymoon phase of pregnancy and I’m thrilled it’s happening over the holidays!).

Due date is May 20, 2018.

Q. When did you find out?

A. We actually found out we were pregnant quite early… it was in the middle of September. I was only five weeks (which I’ve since learned actually meant the babe was only three weeks at that point. Did anyone else never know that the first two of the 40 weeks a woman isn’t even pregnant yet? Just goes off her cycle. Interesting.)


Q. How are you feeling?

A. I feel very lucky to report that I feel great! No morning sickness, which I’ve heard is most likely to strike in the first trimester so yaaay.

Symptoms I have had on and off include:

  • headaches
  • “fatigue” doesn’t quite give justice to what I felt. Weeks 5/6 felt like someone slipped me 4 Benadryl… I was so tired around the clock, I didn’t feel like myself, I couldn’t focus, I could’t do much of anything because I was soo tired all day.
  • forgetfulness like whoa
  • acid reflux
  • paaaaainful boobies. Sometimes hurts to hug people.
  • insane tooth sensitivity to temperature (super cold or hot)
  • heightened sense of smell, almost exclusively over bad odors
  • sounds super glamorous, eh?

No weird food aversions either which I’m grateful for! I am quite hungry a lot but can only handle small meals.


Q. Cravings?

A. Fruit! I go through so many Cuties in a week. And love snacking on green apples and peanut butter.

And comfort food… please someone bring me all the mashed potatoes and roasted chicken. Another example: I ate pasta bolognese three times one week, and I don’t think I had ever eaten that in my life. I think this also has to do with the season and cold weather… I haven’t been as active as I’d like because we’ve been SO busy with work this month so I’m doing my best to limit and control portions.


Q. How does Dan feel?

Um Dan is the greatest man in the world. He was born to be a dad, and pretty much everyone we tell says exactly that. He’s been so supportive and helpful and with me at every appointment and I love him so much. I love you, Dan!



Q. Are you showing?

A. Not yet…!

And I’m not sure we’ll be doing those weekly bump photos. See that to me seems like a lot of work and like something I can’t keep up with. Hah


Q. Are you finding out the gender?


Actually–pause for shockwe already know the gender! We did the 10-week Harmony genetic testing where they look at the DNA and in doing so can tell the gender.

I’m not really into surprises – I realize that might sound weird. I’m a planner down to the deepest fibers of my being, and the more information I have to plan anything the better, so we were always going to find out. It’s kind of hard to explain but knowing makes it so much more real. Considering I haven’t felt any kind of movement yet and am not showing yet, knowing the gender has really allowed us to connect with the babe even more.


Q. Do you have names picked out?

A. YES! Baby S has a first and middle name. Both are final. Things have been monogrammed. Debating whether I’ll share this before he or she is born.

But I will say naming was honestly very easy! No arguing… a couple of conversations, throwing names around, considering initials and possibly unfortunate nicknames, thinking about future baby names we’d like and what sounded good together, and bam. Name chosen. It’s a good one.


Q. How did you tell your family?

A. We couldn’t wait to tell family in person so we Facetimed our parents the same day we found out… and the six calls to our our many siblings spread out around the country followed suit over the next couple of days. Every call lasted 30 minutes to an hour so it took some time to get through them.

I told a couple of my closest girlfriends right away, we told the rest of our good friends at the Halloween party. And we told extended family in person this past weekend at Thanksgiving! Then came ALL OF YOU! Pretty much everyone was very surprised, and that made it all the better.


Q. So this is why you’re house hunting in the suburbs!

Hah well, yes, kind of. More so we’re going to be house hunting next year, and the things we’re looking for are much more available in the suburbs (garage, 3-4 bedroom house, land, etc.).  It’s not like we’re wanting to leave the city or have a specific neighborhood or suburb in mind even. But I will post more on this in the future because I know you all have a lot of questions!


Q. Will you keep working?

Of coooourse I’m going to keep working full-time. I run a small business and have every intention of continuing to do that after the baby is born. I am so thrilled The Everygirl has had its best year ever, traffic is up, we have an amazing team, and the company continues to grow. We already have a number of big plans in store for next year!

We don’t have any kind of maternity leave–after all, we’re a team of 6… would be difficult with any one of us not working for three months. Working out the details of that and child care options as we get closer and will share more once we have that figured out.

That being said, I am very aware anything and everything could change pending how everything goes with the birth… my recovery, the baby’s health, etc. So again, will keep you posted as we get closer.


Q. Wait – what about Paris?

A. Yes – the champagne in my Paris posts were strategically placed props to throw anyone who knows me well enough off the scent… I don’t even drink champagne. I’m a wine girl. Muhaha trickery!

Actually one of my girlfriends texted me and asked if was pregnant in late September since there hadn’t been any wine in my insta stories all month. Hah sad… am I that obvious?! Which is why I knew I had to be more conspicuous on that trip since we were still so early on and all you typically do in Paris is drink wine! The not being able to eat most of the foods there was very difficult. Plus limited caffeine and zero alcohol was… different. Lots of croissants, walking, and early bed times. But it was still such a beautiful wedding, each night doing something spectacular, and I’m so so happy I was a part of it.


Q. Talk nursery design!

A. This should come as no surprise, the nursery design is 90% complete. And I cannot wait to share!

I started designing a nursery almost the day we found out (which based on your comments, I’m so excited to hear YOU’RE all excited for it!) Much like planning a rather elaborate Halloween party or decorating our home in general–this is my favorite thing to do and it’s all so fun for me.

And let me tell you, those first weeks when you’re waiting and waiting and waiting for the next doctor appointment to make sure everything is going well… well, TIME STANDS STILL. It’s so nerve-wracking. Nursery planning was a welcome distraction.



Santa hats | “S” ornament | needlepoint stockings


Ok I think that’s all for now! SO MUCH MORE TO COME (obviously!)

Please feel free to ask more questions in the comments!