Getting Ready for Baby #2: Organizing the Baby Clothes

This post is created in collaboration with Chase Freedom Unlimited. All opinions are my own. 

Alrighty we are working our way down this list! I am partnering with Chase on their Chase Freedom Unlimited card as I document our to do list working to prepare our home and lives for baby #2.

The card earns us 1.5% cash back on all purchases and considering everything on our baby-proofing checklist requires spending money, I love that we are earning some back.

In case you need a refresher, here is the list:


Our To Do List Before Baby #2:

1. Add a stair runner – COMPLETE
2. Hang window treatments – in progress
3. Babyproof – everything (get more baby gates)
4. Choose and order a bassinet
5. Organize Henry’s old clothes – COMPLETE
6. Design the nursery – clear out everything that is in there and get started on putting new pieces in – in progress

I honestly consider each of these items on our list a crucial milestones that feels like a huge check mark on our to do list! If we’re talking BIG milestone, that was clearing out the nursery (now complete) and taking the office furniture that is in there to my mom’s house for storage (still need to do – it’s currently in our living room) until we have a home with an office or guest bedroom.

But organizing his clothes was also a big to do and something that had to get done. As you will see below, we had no shortage of baby boy clothes for this baby on the way! That being said… I don’t want every item he has in his life to be a hand-me-down. So coincidentally, the first couple of things I bought him were new clothes! Never worn, extra soft, just his. But as I said, just a couple things… because holy clothes! If we were having a girl there would be more weeding through what is gender neutral and works, and what we need; in this case everything works. It’s more about looking for the gaps. For example, we don’t have a ton of the newborn/0-3 clothes. Henry basically lived in a rotation of nightgowns the first month, and then onesies and pants from Gap, Amazon and Carter’s.

I also had to purchase organization bins that will eventually go in baby’s dresser once it arrives.

So here we go…


The Before

Oy. That is rough. This is a photo of Henry’s closet… every time he outgrew something, I folded it nicely and stacked it in one of those wire bins in the closet. The problem is, he quickly outgrew an entire dresser full of clothes and the piles quite literally started piling up. I never took the time to organize as we went or store properly into bins, so this is what a year’s worth of baby clothes has turned into. It’s ok. You can judge me. I judge myself. Hah! This was just never a priority – until now!

So, Dan helped me pull everything out and get started on organizing.


The Process

I’m not going to lie – sitting down to this massive mess of tiny clothes looked a lot more intimidating than it ended up being.


I thought I’d sort into piles by size and then fold, but it ended up being easy enough to fold as I went. I created four piles for year one into the four key sizes: NEWBORN/0-3, 3-6, 6-9, and 9-12. I know Newborn is its own size, but I think we owned like 3 things in that size that H lived in, so it didn’t need to be its own category.

I realize the 6-9 pile is massive and that’s because we had quite a few pieces in that awkward 6-12 size (seriously, what is that? a 6-month span?) that I figured made the most sense rounding to the middle.

Also, this is just a ballpark. Half the time Henry’s size didn’t even correlate with his age because he was so short, so we’ll see what works for his baby brother! There were also some seasonal items like Christmas clothing that we needed when Henry was 6 months in, but this baby will only be 2 months by then so I knew they just needed to be donated.

This took about a half hour or so! Not too bad.


Once the clothes were all organized, I rolled and lined them up in these storage bins I ordered using my Chase Freedom Unlimited card. I realized I needed to order another set of bins I’d already purchased online before, so it was great to earn 1.5% back a second time around too with my cash back credit card.


The After

But overall – WOW. Progress! One more check on our baby proofing to-do list, and one step closer to being ready for baby brother’s arrival!


Thanks for following along! Stay tuned for more projects. 


See our stair runner before/after here.