Home Decor Products I Frequently Recommend

I frequently get texts from my beloved family and friends asking for quick design advice. Things like “we need a new living room rug: do you have any favorites you could recommend?”

I figured I would bestow said quick advice to all of you! These are some of my go-to products I’ve either
a. used in my own homes or placed in a client’s
b. would buy for my own home if I was in the market
c. love and believe could work in ANYONE’S home
and d. have amazing price points.

I’ve also learned based on your feedback that sometimes having too many options (a la 27 lamps to choose from) doesn’t help with decision fatigue, which many non-design folk suffer from. They don’t know WHAT to choose so they get nothing.

So I’ve narrowed each grouping down down to as few as possible while still offering a couple style options. I’ve also included a few styling notes regarding size and quantity!

I hope this helps!




If you need to buy PILLOWS


I have a few sources when it comes to budget-friendly pillows covers: West Elm, Willa Skye Home, and Pottery Barn (and Target for when I’m in a pinch but I really don’t love the shape of the inserts their pillows come with). Any combination of these pillows above work together! (The blush comes in other colors if you need say – navy or green)! I recommend getting two of the same design, then one or two more to layer over the others. Use these inserts in down.

What inspired this post was actually my sister-in-law texting me asking for pillow advice. I sent the above links. She ended up getting two of the fringe and one of the grey hand loomed silk for their living room sofa. I think it will look quite lovely!


If you need to buy BEDDING

I’m not a huuuuge fan of crazy pattern bedding or dark bedding – I like some patterns when it’s done subtly or is extra lovely (like our floral guest room bedding!). Personal preference. If I HAD to choose, I’d rather sleep on a fluffy calming cloud.

But I absolutely love all of these neutral options above–would use any of them in our bedroom. You can’t go wrong! I recommend getting the duvet and two shams, then plain white sheets to go with it!


If you need to buy CURTAINS

Don’t overthink this. Keep the curtains white. Keep the rods matte black, brass/gold, or a shiny nickel (no brushed silver!)! Hang the curtains as HIGH AS POSSIBLE. Meaning way above the window sill if you have room for it! They should just touch the floor or puddle a little bit. They should NOT be floating above the floor. Only put blackout drapes in rooms where people sleep. They should never go in living areas. Any other curtain besides sheer will afford you proper privacy.


If you need to buy a COFFEE TABLE

Hah I’m clearly partial to the classic box frame coffee table! Glass, marble, wood, or chevron wood pattern… you can’t go wrong. Also love a glass and brass more elegant option and marble and gold for a trendier look!


If you need to buy a RUG

Again – you do not need to overthink this. I’ve used and loved all of these rugs! They go with every style decor, are easy to clean and very reasonably priced!

If you’re between sizes, size up! It’s better that the rug is partially under furniture than not under it at all. A 5×7 is too small for 80% of living rooms (I’m making that up based on what I’ve seen), and you’re better off getting an 8×10 and filling more of the space. I promise it looks more polished. That being said, don’t get an area rug that touches the walls. You should seem some floor sticking out the sides – just not MORE floor than rug!


If you need plug-in SCONCES

I’m a BIG fan of the plug-in sconce. I’ve never lived anywhere long enough to commit to or invest in hard-wired wall fixtures!

They’re so easy to install… you just need a screw driver. I cannot speak to having owned all of these styles but I will say I have had similar or would buy any of these for our own home or a client’s. They’re all sleek, easy to install, and plug-in! No hardware wiring required. And under $100!


If you need to buy a SOFA

I would refer you to this post – My 20 Favorite Sofas!


If you need to buy a TABLE LAMP

I would refer you to this post – 27 table lamps under $100!



What other common items are you in the market for?! Happy to offer my two cents!