Our Roof Deck Planters (and What We Planted in Them)

Happy July! In case any of you are tackling your porch / backyard / gardening projects this holiday weekend, I wanted to share the plants we filled our roof deck planters with! Plus CB2 is having a big sale right now on a lot of these planters so if you’re in the market, now’s the time to get them! I shared our design plan for the roof deck here. Now that we finally have our curtains hung up, I plan on photographing and sharing the final, styled reveal soon!


Here is how I mixed and matched different styles planters and flowers…



Yes, when choosing plants and flowers, you want to consider the color selections you’re making so that they compliment one another and the space and furniture they are in. It’s one thing to go full on color everywhere with pinks, yellow, white, purple, orange, etc., but I’d avoid mismatched color pairings like purple and red or orange and yellow… :/ not a fan.

I almost always stick to green, white, light blues, and purples for my own gardens. I love pink so much but it just reads to bright for the space I’m designing so I avoid it and just use it inside.



Again you’ll see I stuck with a similar color palette of cool tones – greys and charcoal as opposed to mixing in terra cotta or baskets. The entire space has cool tones flanked by a warm rug, and I wanted to stick with that, but it was important to me to mix different sizes, shapes, and materials. Repeating the same planter in multiple places in the space is another great way to ensure everything flows together.

The Planter: low dot planter

Dimensions: 18.5″w x 11.5″h

Plants: Salvia Bordeau Steel Blue – love the purple color and tall shape!


The Planter: valencia small planter

Dimensions: 11″x8″ – currently $13!

Plants: Candytuft Snowsurfer – I wanted this fluffier, low flower to contrast the height of the Salvia next to it.


The Planter: Kronos raised planter

Dimensions: 28″w x 28″h (but the box is approximately 6″ deep

Plants: This raised planter is the best thing ever for people with small decks and balconies! It brings plants to eye level when seated and is perfect for creating an herb garden, which is what we did! I planted rosemary, parsley, and basil; but have since been corrected that rosemary should be planted on its own since the other two tend to take over. I’ve loved having these fresh herbs handy for cooking – I’ve been eating way too much caprese this season thanks to the abundance of basil! Tip for novice gardeners like myself: I used plants that were already sprouted as opposed to planting seeds.


The Planter: low box charcoal planters

Dimensions: 32″w x 16″h

Plants: Emerald Green Arborvitae – the sign said “full sun, low maintenance.” I was sold. I wanted large plants for privacy along this back wall of our roof deck – we did two in each planter and they will continue to grow and get much taller in time!


The Planter: oversized stripe texture planter

Dimensions: 24″w x 18″h

Plants: Columbine – this is a really beautiful flower but unfortunately only blooms in late spring and early summer so this won’t look so pretty later in the season. But one of my favorite flowers nevertheless! My mom used to put these in our back yard garden growing up.


The Planter: valencia large planter

Dimensions: 15″w x 10.25″h

Plants: Sadly I cannot find this tag! Anyone know what these are!? I love the soft color and tiny petals.


The Planter: tall narrow pod textured planter

Dimensions: 17″ x 20.5″

Plants: Palm plant – these fun lil’ dudes can go inside or outside; at the advice of my mom they needed to be in the shade so we moved them alongside the house wall to be shaded and they flank the doorway really nicely! I love the added height they have to block some of the wall and add great texture to the space.


That’s that! We did boxwoods in our planters on the front deck and those have been super low maintenance – it all has really thanks to all this rain we’ve been getting this season!