My Summer Pregnancy Must-Haves

My first pregnancy went from August until early May with a unseasonably cold spring… I wore oversized sweaters and leggings and compression socks and it was easy peasy.

Pregnancy #2… not so much. Chicago saw a week straight of 90-degree days, I’m never not exhausted, and my cravings are off the hizzo. Fun stuff.

Here are a few favorites I’ve come to rely on for clothing, beauty, and food as I near my third trimester and summer blazes on as I inch toward my fall delivery date…

1. Beach Bump bathing suit – wanted something cute and my go-to style from J.Crew is completely sold out. I found this cute maternity one-piece for only $30(!!), and I ordered a size M and it offers a lot of room to grow! Will wear this all week at the lake house.

2. cute hair accessories – to jazz up my quick messy buns

3. sneakers – need to wear these if I take a walk – for support, aches, and swelling

4. ultra soft, long v-neck tees – looove these. Sized up since I figured they would shrink and they are super loose fitting and long!

5. ultra soft lemon pajamas – wear these every night, also sized up as they run small as it is.

6. Ingrid & Isabel dresses – this is my go-to maternity dress brand – I wore these dresses during my first pregnancy and am getting even more use out of them this time around.  They are comfortable and the shirred mid-section helps hide any areas you’re insecure about, whether it’s your butt, hips, back, midsection, etc. I wear these to work, anything I need to be dressed up for including my friend’s wedding. Also love this one and this one.

7. Drunk Elephant Vitamin C serum – helps prevent melasma from sun exposure

8. Drunk Elephant marula oil – my skin is always so so dry and this helps make it look dewy. That being said, I used this magical elixir at my mom’s house over the weekend and whoa. Pulling a pregnancy treat yo’self and ordering.

9. extra long cotton tank (layer under tees)

10. iced grande almond milk latte – 150mg of caffeine and helps me stay awake every day. A much needed splurge of this pregnancy.

11. full panel maternity workout pants

12. tinted moisturizer with SPF – I wear this every day in sand

13. 30oz Yeti tumbler – I keep this filled w/ ice water and on me at all times… I refill it at least 5 times a day. That’s 150oz + of water! The best purchase was technically this straw lid add-on since for some reason I love drinking cold drinks through a straw. Weird I know.

14. homemade no bake energy bites for my sweet tooth

15. frozen organic pineapple chunks also for my sweet tooth!


Any tips are appreciated!

To be honest I’ve been struggling this pregnancy… everything about it has been so much more difficult than my first. I feel crampy and achey and sooo exhausted and so hungry literally all the time. I’ve also had to “lay low” due to some mild complications and it’s just making me feel completely useless with my family – most importantly Henry – and it’s really starting to weigh on my emotions.

We leave for a week-long vaca at a lakehouse in two weeks and it just can’t come soon enough. Anyone been through multiple pregnancies can relate? Is it always harder the second time around?


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