We Also Looked at a House Almost Identical to Ours

This was the first house I found online and fell in love with. It’s basically a larger, updated replica of our current house (look at that kitchen!) meaning we can just move all of our furniture in!

Or so I thought.

The first floor of this home is amazing. No changes needed except maybe changing some lighting. You’ll see…

The upstairs, however, needed a ton of work. It was a hodge podge of rooms including two extremely tiny “bedrooms,” an awkward addition with a lot of wasted space (not shown in this post), very uneven floors, and two hall bathrooms, one of which would need to be completely redone. Then when we went into the basement, even our realtor was nervous. Hah Foundation problems are never good.

So again, we will be passing on this. But I couldn’t get it out of my mind so it was helpful to go see and now know it won’t work.

The Entry:


The Living Room:


The Dining Room (or Den):


The Office off the Dining Room:


The Den off of the Kitchen (or this could be the Dining Room):


The Kitchen:


The Master Bedroom:


Bedroom 2:


Hallway and Bedroom 3:


Upstairs Hall Bath 1:


Upstairs Hall Bath 2:


Bedroom 4:




It sounded like you’re all interested in our house hunting process so I’ll keep you posted! And simply for privacy reasons I won’t be sharing addresses or towns… hope you understand!