Where I Buy Ornaments

I’ve had so many questions lately as to where I buy ornaments–namely where I get special meaningful ornaments.

I LOVE ornaments with meaning so Dan and I almost always pick one up when we’re on a trip together… the amazing Quebec City one so many of you have asked about is from a Christmas shop IN Quebec City. BUT, for example, I found an Eiffel Tower and Big Ben ornament at World Market, and those are the two cities we went on our honeymoon. But that’s only a handful here and there and we have a big tree to fill.

We also have a ton of ornaments on our tree that we made when we each made in school as kids and our parents let us take to use in our own home.

Otherwise you’ll be surprised to know I get a ton from some of my favorite chain stores–choosing ones that are especially sparkly, magical, or my favorite, the traditional large glass blown figurines which you can find pretty much anywhere.

My favorite places for ornaments the past couple years are Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel. The former has amazing cloche ornaments that light up which are seriously amazing, and the latter has a ton of options under $8 that are just lovely but unique.

Etsy is a GREAT place to look for really unique, personalized options. A lot of the sellers offer the option of adding names and dates to their creations. I got my nephew a handmade “W” flag ornament last Christmas when the Cubs won the World Series. Just type what you’re looking for in the search bar! They have tons of unique pet ornaments for our four-legged friends!

PBKids also has a ton of nice personalized options for kids.

Le Papier Studio is where we got the custom silhouette ornament of us kissing on our honeymoon!

Another great spot to look is World Market–that’s where I got Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower! And I actually saw a lot of great ones at Michael’s when I went looking for ribbon!

For great shiny basics to fill the tree, I’d recommend CB2 and Target.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for some really personal, like a memento from a favorite show, place, date, event, or pet–just google it! I do that all the time! I searched “Downton Abbey ornament” last year and found this epic glass ornament (which last year was half the price!) that I gave to Dan (it’s one of our favorite shows).

Google makes it REALLY easy to sort through what’s out there…

Just type in what you’re looking for an go! 🙂

Best of luck!

See the rest of the holiday decor in our home here!