10 Beautiful, Classic Beds Worth Investing In (of All Price Points)

One item that officially makes you feel like a grown up – or at least it did for me – was getting a real headboard. Or better yet – a full bed! I spent most of life just relying on one of those metal bed frames (still do actually! only now we have a headboard), but a REAL bed is one of those pieces that really makes a house feel less temporary, and more like home.

And the good news is – with so many awesome headboard and budget-friendly options available – you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a really amazing look!


I’d always advise going classic and neutral when it comes to a bed. It’s SO easy to change out the bedding for a new look… a lot more difficult to change out the giant piece of furniture when you realize matching bedroom sets are not a good idea… or that the giant cherry sleigh bed you thought you’d love forever is actually looking quite dated… womp womp.

Here are a few gorgeous rooms with similar or identical bed styles that I’d recommend to get the wheels churning…


The Inspiration

Nicole Davis Interiors, photo by Alyssa Rosenheck
Amber Interiors

The style I would have LOVED to put in our own bedroom is the black iron canopy bed… but our bedroom nook was just a bit too small for it.

But really you can’t go wrong with any of these… so here we go:


10 Beautiful, Classic Beds Worth Investing In

1. iron canopy bed
2. washed wood canopy bed
3. classic white mid-century bed
4. French style wood and upholstered headboard
5. classic tufted linen headboard (or this full bed option)
6. grey tufted upholstered bed
7. wooden cane bed with footboard
8. classic iron bed with footboard
9. striped linen upholstered bed (or just the headboard option)
10. fresh white contemporary bed



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