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Charlie (and Henry’s) New Activity Center

This post is sponsored by Baby Einstein but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. Oh my gosh, has our home gotten a major upgrade. As soon as I shared a video in my stories, I had a bunch of messages asking what this amazing walker was and where to find it. We picked up the Baby Einstein™…

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Our Plans for a Kitchen Remodel

I honestly don’t know whether to call this a remodel, a renovation, a redesign, or what. I’m not even sure what qualifies a home project as a full-on renovation. I also have no idea when any of our desired projects will happen. For obvious safety precautions, we don’t plan on having any contractors in the home any time soon so…

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Walk Through Our New Home with Me

Alrighty! You saw the first look at our new home a few days ago! Thank you for all the well wishes. We are ecstatic. This morning we took the boys to see it for our final walk through before closing–that made it 1000% more exciting. Henry just running around. Charlie was an angel from the moment we put him in…

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Our Plans for Moving During a Pandemic

I am so so excited to be moving into this new home. I know it’ll be so great for our family and I can’t wait to get there. But first–we have to pack and move. I think pretty much everyone agrees moving isn’t exactly fun. Fortunately, after 8 moves in just as many years, I basically have moving down to…

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