5 Ways My Beauty Routine Has Changed Since Baby

I blogged a few times about how I switched up my beauty routine while I was pregnant, changing skin care, shampoo, even nail polishes I was using (you can read more about it here and here). But now that pregnancy is over, my routine has once again shifted!

My key focus now is maximizing my time, trying to find products and looks that get me through my day with as little effort and time spent as possible.

Here are a few things that I’ve changed in my beauty routine the past 2 months since Henry was born!


1. Charcoal Products

I’ve heard so much about charcoal products over the past year, but to be honest, I just started using them… have you found any you like? I use a charcoal-based natural deodorant and new charcoal purifying shampoo and conditioner. I’ve been a lifelong user of Pantene’s shampoo – their “Volumizing” shampoo (the purple bottle) was my go-to for my flat hair – but they just introduced a new Charcoal Collection which I was excited to try out. And I’m obsessed.

Plus they’re free of silicone, parabens, and dyes which you KNOW I love.

I love how it makes my hair feel… the activated charcoal essentially does a deep cleaning on my naturally very oily hair: pulling out dirt and toxins from any product buildup. I’ve actually noticed it helps my super oily hair stay cleaner longer between washes and it feels more voluminous! Bonus – I actually love the bottle design and the fact that they have pumps to dispense the shampoo. Little things. The new Pantene Charcoal Collection is
available for purchase at Target in starting tomorrow, July 15, when you can get a $5 coupon off with purchase of two Charcoal products!


2. A lot of Ponytails

I quickly learned that having my hair up or back and off my face is my new normal. Something I rarely did before. Between the spit-up and drool and Henry’s new favorite activity of pulling my hair – boy is that kid strong! – leaving it down and forward is proving not only pointless but also difficult. Especially when he spits up in it and I find myself re-washing the ends in the bathroom sink… literally don’t have time for that.

My go to is the low side pony tail because it’s super easy. But I really want to start looking for cuter up dos, hair-pulled-back type styles. I’ve mainly been relying on little butterfly clips to pull the hair out of my face, so I’d love to start incorporating braids or other cute but easy styles that are low-maintenance. Suggestions welcome!


3. The 90-Second Make-up Routine

My make-up routine was never complicated or lengthy – I’ve shared it a few times in Insta stories – but I’ve officially got the essentials down to a science so that I can apply it uber quickly.

  1. Serum (I love Aesop’s parsley seed)
  2. Moisturizer (posted about it here)
  3. Tinted SPF CC cream (Supergoop)
  4. Powder, Bronzer, Blush (these three items take about 25 seconds to apply)
  5. Liquid Eyeliner (not even sure what brand I use – one a lady recommended at Ulta – I can also do this very quickly)
  6. Lip color (actually a big fan of tinted chap stick!)


And I’m a new woman. Feeling more put together helps me with productivity and even my energy. It separates the “just woke up” Alaina from the “conquering her day” and “feels better going out into the world more put together” Alaina.


4. So long manicures.

I’ve basically stopped getting my nails done altogether. For one, it would be impossible to keep them from chipping, so I really don’t have the time to maintain them week in and week out. As my hands are always near and around Henry’s face, it’s a product I really don’t want to keep putting near his mouth. So keeping my nails clean, unpolished, and short is my new look. Pedicures, on the other hand, last up to two months so long as I keep the nails short… that’s where I get my glam in.


5. Sheet Face Masks

Sheet face masks are my new little luxury. Why? Hands-free. And anything hands-free is a mom’s best friend. I’ll put one on at night after washing my face and wear it as I prep bottles for the night or clean up the kitchen or even give Henry his last bottle. Or even catch 20 minutes of a show (if Henry’s already asleep). I take it off and feel like I just treated myself to a lil spa moment. Plus it helps my tired skin. I’d share a photo – but I’m not convinced I want a picture of myself like that on the Internet for all of eternity… hah if you’ve ever used a sheet face mask you know what I’m talking about.


Did you change anything about your beauty routine post baby? Or did you keep things how they always were?


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pantene. The opinions and text are all mine.