A Few Snapshots of Baby S’ Nursery

Last week was exciting! A ton of nursery items arrived! Still waiting on the big pieces but I wanted to share a few of the goodies with you!

As someone who started babysitting at 14 years old and now has seven nieces and nephews, I’ve been in my fair share of nurseries. I must say it is just surreal now having a room in our house with toys and items for a little babe. It’s so fun seeing it all come together. I have a ton personally going on with work and Dan travels a lot so we’re trying to get this off our to do last earlier rather than later.


I shared this in the 7 Chic and Functional Pieces We Registered For post, but look how lovely the bloom’s Coco Bouncer is in person! I looked at A LOT of bouncers and this is by far my favorite. The light wood and black metal frame and the white seat will blend in with our home perfectly.

And Mr. Fox is one of baby boy’s first toys to arrive! The gorgeous striped rug is a super durable but soft indoor/outdoor rug from Serena & Lily!


We ordered this baby book in grey from Artifact Uprising–it’s really lovely and comes with a coupon to order photo prints from AU which I’m excited about because they do such lovely matte photos with a white border. I’m excited! I assume we’ll have so many pictures of baby on our phones, it will be nice to have this physical keepsake to hold and look back on.

The little wooden deer is actually a teether, and wooden French style the mirror is from Serena and Lily! I love the warmth of the natural wood – and this is just a great piece that can be used in future nurseries or other rooms of the house. Not very “nursery-y” at all! Same with the dresser and rug.


This dip dye stool from Serena and Lily arrived. I put this in a design client’s home a few years ago and have always loved it. We’ll likely keep it next to the bath tub to sit on for baby bath time. And a book “Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada” that so many of you said is your kids favorites was a Christmas gift from Dan’s sister and brother-in-law.



We got this beautiful lidded basket that will either be used as laundry or storage! TBD! And this blue tassel throw will go on the glider once it arrives!

The dresser is this beautiful campaign style dresser from Wayfair! We don’t have a ton of closet space in our house so we opted for the larger size dresser with six drawers. I like having surface area next to the changing pad, as well.


As you can see from my first pregnancy update, the nursery has come a long way from where it was a month ago! We still need to change out the window treatment and light fixture but we’re feeling pretty good. Still waiting on the crib and glider, which will determine what we do in terms of a bookshelf. I’m a lot more undecided on window treatments and art… I think I’ll wait until everything else is in place to help that guide what color direction I should go in with them. i.e. stick with white curtains or will the space need more color and texture? Go with black and white art or again, add some color? TBD!

Oh, and I nearly started crying when the crib mattress arrived. It was very surreal, knowing that’s what we’ll lay our bebe to sleep on…

So that’s that! I’ll share more in the next few weeks once more key items arrive!