Baby Brother’s Woodland Nursery Tour

October is here! Which means I’m 36 weeks along, and we’ll be meeting our baby boy any week now. And after many busy weekends and online orders, our home is all ready for him. Well – at least his nursery is!

When we found out we were having a boy, a few thoughts came to mind in terms of his nursery:

  • Ruh roh. I already designed my ideal boy nursery for Henry – what will I do for this lil’ guy?
  • I want this baby’s nursery to be just as special and put just as much thought and effort into it as I did Henry’s.
  • We needed all new nursery stuff since Henry is only 17 months and still using his nursery furniture – crib (he’s not at all ready for a toddler bed but even when he was, we plan on converting his crib using the kit that came with it), glider (we use every night and clock a decent amount of hours in it when he’s sick), dresser (plan on keeping this his dresser for as long as it lasts), shelves (hold all of his books, toys, night light, sound machine) – etc.
  • I had also designed two other boy nurseries for clients in the last couple of years so this would be boy nursery #4 and I wanted this space to be different… let me tell you, coming up with four different design concepts for a boy nursery isn’t all that easy.

Alas, I’d really been loving the warmth of the light wood and natural materials (like raffia and rattan) trend I’d been seeing in a lot of homes and stores’ offerings, so I knew I wanted to go in that direction for the space. Then I found this gorgeous green dresser at Crate and Kids that I knew would be so great and the darling bear hamper, and the whole woodland/outdoorsy theme with all of the natural elements and wood just took shape very quickly.


(All product links throughout and at the end of the post.)

I put together this design mood board above and then actually heard from the folks at Crate and Kids about collaborating on the nursery design. I’d already chosen quite a few key pieces from the brand as they’ve been a favorite of mine for years so the answer was obvious – yes, I’d love to team up!



As a refresher, here’s what the room looked like in July… rollover storage and an “office” complete with kraft paper for window treatments.

A bit of a mess, I know…! But nothing a few weekends’ worth of work couldn’t fix.



And here is the finished nursery!


For the crib, I wavered back and forth between a few beautiful options from Crate and Kids… the Lolly 3-in-1 crib in natural was the color I liked and I thought the legs were a fun shape. And then I questioned whether I wanted a darker wood and loved the shape of their Cameron Ash crib.

Ultimately I settled on Anderson crib which is made of solid maple and soooo beautiful in person. It’s the exact color I wanted, and the shape is simple yes, but the quality is just really other level compared to many other brands’ cribs I’ve seen in person. And honestly it’s even more beautiful in person – the photos can’t quite do it justice it deserves. Paired with the green dresser, it’s a match made in heaven.

Speaking of that dresser… it’s part of Crate and Kids‘ Hampshire collection (which comes in white and olive green) and the dresser is available in two sizes. I love the design of the 6-drawer dresser, and it’s what I originally wanted to use (give me all the storage!), but because of the size and layout of the room, I measured and realized the 4-drawer Hampshire chest was the better option. Bonus – it will pair great with Henry’s dresser once the boys are older and sharing a room!

Again – it’s so beautiful in person. We even added the bookshelf from the same olive green Hampshire collection to Henry’s playspace in our family room (will share those photos soon)! I personally think the green is really unique and works in both boys and girls’ spaces! (It pairs beautifully with blush pink if you’re into that combo!)


The rattan side table was a brand new piece Crate and Kids rolled out just as I was working on this design (right on trend), the brass mobile was beautiful and simple (and Henry’s already captivated by it – I think it reminds him of the planets), and the plus sign rug was sure to be loved since I know how much Henry looooves cozy things. And let me tell you – this rug is cozy.

Because I know ya’ll will ask, yes, the rug does shed, as pretty much any shag rug will do, but regular vacuuming reduces the shedding. And honestly, I just love it and have had shag rugs before and to me they are worth it because of how soft they are. Amazing for babies and mom’s sore feet.

The Campaign bookcase was another easy choice. This has been a favorite collection of mine for years. We even used the 3-drawer campaign chest in a photo shoot on styling a dresser for The Everygirl years back. I really liked the mix of open and closed storage, and it fit perfectly in what is otherwise a very awkward nook in the corner of the room by the window. It’s part of the glider/reading nook and houses the nightlight, books, sound machine, monitor, and toy bins. I’m using the drawers for clothes baby won’t quite fit into yet. I also really like the mixing/matching of the green dresser with the wooden crib with the white bookcase – yet they all go together.

The green floor lamp you see tucked away behind the chair – first off, how fun is the color?! Second, it’s a touch light. So you just need to touch any part of the metal and the light goes on. Plus it has three levels of brightness. I love anything that dims so this lamp was an all-around win.



wall color: Extra White by Sherwin Williams


black swiss dot crib sheet

breathable crib mattress

bear hamper

brass mobile

large frames above crib

art prints above crib (8×10″)

5×8 shag rug


changing pad

paper mache deer and fox heads

wooden wall shelf

“Magic Is In You” flag

various artwork above dresser is vintage from Etsy

rattan storage tower

dip-dye ladder

reclining glider in performance fabric

green throw pillow

rattan side table

dip-dye stool

green touch floor lamp

campaign bookcase

wicker storage basket

pom storage bins

natural Montessori rainbow

fawn porcelain nightlight (Henry has the fox from the same collection)

etched wooden blocks

animal alphabet art print (above bookcase)

moses basket and stand

brass curtain rod

curtain rings

striped blackout curtains

wooden blinds

ceiling light fixture (this was installed when we were using this room as an office but it worked great so we left it!)

plants are faux from Homegoods and Target


I linked a lot but let me know if you have any other questions! Thank you again so much to Crate and Kids for helping me create this warm, beautiful space for our baby boy!