Bath Essentials for Babies and Toddlers

I’ve had quite a few questions on bath gear we use for Henry so I thought I’d put it all in one place! This is more older baby/toddler age, not infancy – in which case they don’t need much at all – but we did use the Mustela soap and lotion on Henry from day one. It truly is dreamy.

Note – we put almost all of his toys on the top shelf of the dishwasher pretty frequently to get off any mildew residue and keep them clean.

1. bath toy bin

2. stackable boats

3. faucet cover – necessary for keeping their noggin’ safe

4. bath tub alphabet letters

5. waterproof bath book

6. spinners – these are awesome, we also take them to restaurants and have had them on the table next to Henry while he eats and he’d spin spin spin; then one day I decided to move them into the bath and they’re fun there too!

7. gingham wash cloths

8. bath tubes and tunnels

9. gingham monogrammable hooded towel – have this in grey for both boys

10. the best baby soap and lotion. bar none. (also use this calming bubble bath)

11. measuring cups and spoons for scooping and pouring

12. for colds: vapor bubble bath and/or BreatheFrida bath bombs (Give them a paci to ensure they’re breathing it in.)

13. colander for pouring water over their head / getting used to having their head wet

14. stacking cups – these are $2 at Ikea and have holes so the water drains through

15. submarine or tug boat

16. non-slip bath mat – essential. We had ours out of the tub one day to clean it, and he slipped back while sitting; fortunately caught himself so his lil head didn’t hit but so scary. One tip: you do have to take this out after every bath and let it dry or it gets mildewy.

17. animal squirters – unfortunately these only last so long before getting mildew inside and you can’t really do anything about it (as far as I know). But they’re fun and very inexpensive!

*Water table toys – we also sometimes bring the toys from his water table into the bath to mix it up – so a pail, shovel, some other fun items.


Also, parents, GET A BATH KNEELER if you don’t already have one. It saves your knees and is so cushy!


Not super extensive! But I hope this helps for those who were wondering! Have fun!