Dressing for a Wedding in Paris

Assuming you’ve heard but my Everygirl cofounder and dear friend Danielle Moss is getting married in Paris this fall! It’s a super small wedding and I am so honored Dan and I get to partake in celebrating Danielle and her fiancé Conor (who I happened to know since middle school–Chicago is a crazy small city in that sense). It also happens to be my 32nd birthday AND me and Dan’s first wedding anniversary while we’re there… so it’s a big week in Paris this October!

There are a number of evening events happening that weekend and while I usually don’t dress shop for weddings – I rely on RentTheRunway or old favorites hanging in my closet–I am looking to get something new and fun for this special occasion. I mean… it’s a wedding in Paris! Never thought I’d get to attend a wedding in Paris.

Danielle is asking guests stick to a neutral palette (or simply a black dress) which I 100% get. Think about it. With this few of people, everyone will be in all the pictures, so it’s essentially like we’re their wedding party. Want to make sure it’s a cohesive idea. Brilliant.

I don’t think a lot of fall styles have hit the stores yet oddly… so a lot of these are selling out. But here are a few favorites I’ve ordered. Obviously sticking with very simple silhouettes and not a lot of detail… want to keep it simple and lovely. Hoping one works!

1.flirty strapless dress
2. frappe v neck dress
3. ruffled fitted dress
4. strapless beige dress also available herehere and here in grey
asymmetrical dress
6. blush scoop neck dress
7. off the shoulder sheath dress
8. deep V bell sleeve dress
9. gathered front gown

A couple of the dresses arrived on Saturday… will update as more come in!


The Try Ons

DRESS 8: Deep V Bell Sleeve Dress

Love the classy silhouette and very unique style. But the bell sleeves are a bit trendier than I want and the crepe fabric doesn’t stretch at all – and I want to be able to dance, and eat, and drink, and laugh comfortably. Sending back.


Dress 4: Strapless Beige Dress

Stretchy fabric, LOVE the color, great fit… all great things. I actually really like this dress but it’s a bit more form-fitting than I want for this occasion. Sending back.

also available herehere and here in grey


DRESS 9: Gathered Front Gown

Loved. Super comfy. There’s a slit up the front that is difficult to see. But I am just not comfortable showing this much cleavage at someone else’s wedding. Great for another formal event though! Sending back…

Waiting for other dresses to arrive and will report back!

For now, the hunt continues.

UPDATE: I found a dress!….

It’s the #7 dress above! Love how it’s elegant, classic, and form-fitting without being too much. We have a winner!

It’s available in all sizes and in white!


ACTUALLY… I ended up going with this dress! Super stretchy and twirly and comfortable. Wearing a size M.