What I Packed for Our Honeymoon to London & Paris

As most of you probably saw on Instagram, Dan and I went on our honeymoon a few weeks ago! Yes – we opted to delay and take the big trip six months after our wedding. (I think anyone who has or is planning a wedding can agree, it’s nice to not have one more thing to add to the to plan list.)

I know it’s common for many newlyweds to jet off to a white sand beach and sip mojitos all day–and believe me, I love that kind of relaxing getaway, as well. But Dan and I chose to do another European adventure since we had so much fun on the last two road trips around the continent we did in 2014 (Switzerland and France) and 2016 (Germany and Austria). We tossed around a number of itineraries, and were temporarily settled on a road trip around England and Scotland. But for reasons I’ll explain at a later date, we decided to switch everything a month before leaving and do five days in London and five in Paris instead, taking the high-speed, 2-hour channel train from one to the other, then back again to fly home.

We were fully prepared for temperamental spring temperatures ranging from 70 to 38 degrees and rain then sun then rain again within an hour on any given day. But we didn’t expect a random cold front to come through, leaving us with temps in the 40s and low 50s in London, and not much warmer in Paris. I am so glad we packed layers because neither of us had brought a particularly warm coat.

I had 3 – er, make that 4 – guidelines for what I took with me:

  • layers–our saving grace
  • everything can pair with everything
  • comfortable shoes
  • waterproof footwear and coats

Which brings to me my packing list…

bomber | blush crossbody | perfume | rose gold glasses
passport case | tassel loafers | stripe top
gel nail polish | tie front tee | necklace
stretch denim pants | cosmetic cases | blush sneakers | rose gold watch

Despite the graphic above, 85% of what I packed was black, white, or ecru/nude/beige/call it what you want to call it. The lovely (and super trendy) blush accents were last minute additions to pretty everything up. After all, this was a honeymoon. And spring time, despite the temps.

Looking back at our photos, it probably looks like I have the same outfit on every day, and that’s in large part because my purse and coat stayed the same most of the time. But my black pants and white tops were getting switched up every day.

You can see more of what I packed in the widget above. White tees, button-downs, black pants and skinny jeans, 2 kinds of mule loafers, and 2 pairs of sneakers. This bomber and this reasonably priced classic trench in black that I basically lived in. And one pair of heels that I literally wore once and it was when we dined at the restaurant in our hotel, so it didn’t even require walking around in them. And that’s how I like it.