How to Style a Classic Kitchen

It is true, I’ve never had a particularly nice kitchen. Well, our last one had been recently updated so that was a perk. But the majority of my apartments have super dated kitchens sans dishwashers – so old the landlord’s don’t even care that I paint the cabinets because they’re not great anyway.

But I have a dream… a dream of a beauuuutiful kitchen! (Don’t we all?) A traditional white kitchen with wide plank wooden floors, a giant marble island, white subway tile backsplash, brass hardware, and a French range… a little bit French country, a bit classic American, a bit traditional fancy. All rolled into one.

A few inspirational photos, if you will:

Manning Residence, Hoboken, NJ ; John B Murray, Architects

Oh and it should have giant windows! For my herbs. This next photo is REALLY my favorite and the inspiration I’ll use for when I finally get to reno my own kitchen. Notice the cabinet latch hardware? How fantastic is that?

I know a lot of people want to get “that classic kitchen” look so I’ve put together a little sampling of items that will help you achieve this… even if the space doesn’t look it, at least the styling and accents can!

Think white dishes, stainless steel cookware and flatware, brass hardware, marble accents, and lovely glassware.

1. a white Kitchenaid standing mixer
2. lovely soap and lotion w/ dish
3. glass storage containers
4. marble and wood cheese board
5. classic white dishware
6. brass cabinet hardware like these bin pulls and these cupboard latches
7. something green like fresh herbs or this faux basil arrangement
8. monogrammed cutting board
9. simple hand towel
10. traditional stainless steel flatware
11. French style drinking glasses
12. fancy espresso machine
13. traditional wooden salt and pepper mills
14. porcelain utensil crock
15. stainless steel kitchen utensils (measuring cups, slotted spoon, whisk, etc)
16. Chemex coffee maker
17. marble pastry slab
18. French stripe oven mitt

Also LOVE this little guy for only $19.95! Everyone could use one of those.

Looking for a toaster? I think this classic option is always best for the classic kitchen. If you’re looking to spend more? Go Duralit in classic chrome. The options with glass sides that you can SEE the toast cooking look nice in theory but look messy and crumby (literally) after a week of use.

*Remember it looks messy and hodge-podgy quickly when you start buying electronics and products in various finishes! Stick with black, white, and chrome. And you can add in copper pots because copper pots also work.



Does your dream kitchen look a lot like my dream kitchen? If not, what look do you love?


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featured kitchen image by Space Exploration Design