It’s September 1: I Am Decorating for Fall

It’s fall! Ok, apparently it’s not fall til September 22 or something BUT here’s how I look at it. It’s my favorite season, and it’s the shortest season by a longshot. So I try and stretch it out as long as possible, and as far as I am concerned, going back to school = FALL. And the 55 degree temps I woke up to this morning would agree. 🙂

Now that I have a front stoop of my own to decorate. I’ve spent the last 5 years or so building up my Christmas decor collection. But I am ready for the next step. FALL DECOR. Who’s with me?!

The thing about fall/Halloween decor is it can get REALLY tacky really fast. So I browsed a few of my favorite exterior shots. People who really get this season right.

Good, right?! Now I am all about that beautiful, simple House Beautiful-esque harvest look. But there happen to be a lot of kids in our neighborhood – we have two schools outside our doorstep. So I want to do some fun things for Halloween too. AND I’m thinking about hosting my first Halloween party since I think this house could be pretty cool with skeletons and a smoke machine and candles EVERYWHERE.

So I want to include a few subtle spooky decorative items for Halloween. And come November 1 it’ll just be a harvest spectacular. So far I’m looking at my go-to destination, Home Depot – where I’ve gotten my Christmas tree and pumpkins for the past… ever. They have a ton of great decorative items too! I link to everything below.

1 copper planters
2. spooky flickering lantern
3. crawling spiders
4. black candles
5. black lanterns
6. black frame doormat
7. black urns
8. cotton wreath
9. witch’s broomstick

And polishing it all off with an abundance of mums, pumpkins, cornstalks and hay bales! I keep calling the store asking when it will be in but so far all I know is “early September.” I hope it will be a real treat to anyone walking past! I hoop there aren’t any hooligans around who will mess it up.

Will report back with progress soon!